During Stay Home order Must See in Vietnam will be live with MiKi Chef at 11:30 Vietnam time …

… The killing question TODAY : was the delay to fly to Hanoi was due by the fact Kamala Harris stop by HCM for eating MiKi Chef Vegan Meal ?
MiKi sửa soạn bữa trưa ra sao?
👀 Tám chuyện thời tiết lúc ăn 🎙🤣😋
Câu hỏi hóc búa hôm nay: chuyến bay của PTT Kalahari Harris bị trì hoãn có phải chăng Quý Bà đã tạt ngang Saigon dùng bữa ăn chay của đầu bếp MiKi ^^

Today’s MiKi Chef Bla Bla Bla today is about : What did MiKi Chef have prepared for lunch? 👀😋😋😋 Funny Food Talks while eating 🎙

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