Vaccinated tourists will be allowed to come back soon in Vietnam. Our next blogs are dedicated to you Tourists … WHAT TO EAT & DRINK IN VIETNAM?

FETAL DUCK EGGS ! Yes You have read well !!!

A ‘fetal’ duck egg is a fertilized egg that has been kept warm for around two weeks until the fetus is partially developed, then it’s boiled and eaten in the same way you would a ‘normal’ chicken egg. The taste is simply delicious !

MiKi Chef eating Duck Eggs at KIM THAO restaurant _ 104 Xuan Thuỵ, Thao Dien, District 2, Hochiminh City

The best way to eat the egg which is the most common in southern Vietnam. Tap the top of the egg and make a small hole in the shell from which to drink the juice – it’s warming and delicious. Then mix the salt, pepper and lime together in the small saucer, adding a bit ( or a lot like MiKi Chef love ) of red chilli. Lop off the top of the egg, drizzle some of the mixture into the shell, and eat it with a spoon as you would a soft-boiled chicken egg. It tastes like richer egg, but a deeper, richer. The partially formed fetus adds a meaty flavour, and the salt, pepper and lime-juice mixture gives it an essential twist that brings everything together – in the same way that a pinch of salt transforms a plain fried egg. It’s just the right balance of colour, flavour and texture.

You can drink a sugar cane juice or do like MiMi and MiKi Chef enjoy eating Duck Eggs with a Saigon Beer 🍻 Did we say one Saigon Beer only 🤣

MiKi Chef and MiMi enjoy much eating Duck Eggs at KIM THAO restaurant _ District 2, Hochiminh City … it’s always full of people and we feel at home when we go there. The owners are welcoming and very friendly even they are extremely busy! What’s also amazing is that orders for delivery are so important! If you don’t visit KIM THAO Restaurant, at least once, you won’t be able to claim you have been in Vietnam 😎

How much it cost ? VND 10,000 per eggs !!! With a budget if VND 100,000 you eat and drink well 😎

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