MiKi Chef told #MustSeeInVietnam : I ❤️ Duck Eggs 👉 more than my BF 🤣

This is the best place for eating Duck Eggs 🥚

This is for me a ritual … walking in D2, saluting the owner, sitting ( I love sitting on the side walk section because I can watch what is happening on the street and I like watching people🤣… then I go for taking Saigon Beers ( yes not only one 😎 ) in the fridge by myself, then ordering eggs, then picking up by myself the rau răm + muối ớt and start eating. As I said it’s a ritual for me. MiMi knows it well … and he ❤️ it too and he can eat as much as I eat … and drink 😋. We enjoy going there alone or inviting friends and have fun !

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