Sadly this one of the first street restaurant victim of the Covid-19 restrictions in HCMC Vietnam in April 2021

Must see in Vietnam was there before the official launch @ O Thanh restaurant… the owner is a great business woman … she a Da Nang. She brought in a passionate young chef as well as an experienced chef support from Da Nang. They quickly got their hands dirty and opened the restaurant in no time and captured the hearts and palates of MiKi Chef and MiMi from Must See In Vietnam and several Vietnamese and foreigners living in neighborhood # 3. Their specialty was the delicious and unique soup Bun Bò from Hue. According to MiKi Chef this soup was the best in town (HCMC) and very cheap ! VND 40,000 with a RUBY BEER !!! 👀

O Thanh, the restaurant name is the owner’s name
MiKi Chef spent time there to help and test and cooked her secret recipes 😎
Watch Must see in Vietnam video from reporter MiMi ~ Cheers 🍻

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