Reporter Michel Experience with the second dose of Covid-19 Vaccin ~ Saturday September 25th 2021

Thank You Vietanam Health Care Workers and Organisers ❤️ I witness the super efficiency of Vietnam’s healthcare workers and share this with you! As a volunteer reporter for Must See In Vietnam, we published on August 9 how we experienced our first vaccination. I had ended my article, at least here on Linkedin, by writing that all of the care workers’ expressions of attention to me and to all were exemplary in the stressful context of the pandemic. Today, I want to praise the organizers. Hold on… I received a text message at 12:54 pm inviting me to receive my second dose at 2:45 pm at a school 300 meters from the house. I got there at 2:30 pm and after filling out a form and meeting a nurse, well I was vaccinated at 2:45 pm. My Vietnamese wife made sure I could get my vaccine this weekend. However, the open minded and kindness of the authorities flattered me and I repeat what I wrote in August… all these attentions make me Love Vietnam and respect Vietnamese People ❤️

My first dose was Astra Zeneca … My second vaccin is an ARN Messenger ( Pfizer ) … the nurse was nice and has provided me the right advise saying that it is the best immunity I can received at my age … back home I made search’s and found this interesting article Mixing AZ and Pfizer jabs: does it work?:

As usual I received very good attention and care in English
I am very impressed by the efficiency of the organizers and the care of the Health Team Workers 👍❤️⭐️

This is my 2nd dose journey

⁃ Received message @ 12:54 you can be vaccinated at 14:45

⁃ Vaccination place is a school located at 300 metres of my home

⁃ Arrived at 14:30

⁃ The Vaccination Process seems very fast

⁃ 14:53 Vaccinated ( Pfizer ) !


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