Da Nang, Vietnam is MiKi Chef Home Town … In her blog today and on her Live Stream MiKi Chef is telling you her favorite places where she likes to eat and what she likes to Eat ❤️

MiKi Chef Home Town

With broad beaches, fantastic street food, the fabled Hải Vân Pass, and a growing collection of cafes, restaurants, and bars, it’s no wonder the residents of Đà Nẵng sport some of the broadest smiles in the country. The warm sands of Mỹ Khê Beach sweep south from the mountainous Sơn Trà Peninsula. Đà Nẵng hosts some of Vietnam’s top luxury resorts, but much of the beach still belongs to the people who make it their playground, gym, and source of livelihood.

Da Nang is a dream destination for foodies, with scores of seafront eateries and street food stalls. Mi Quang — a dish of rice noodles, pork, shrimp, quail eggs, peanuts and fresh herbs — is must-try delight.

Here we go with MiKi Chef best dishes

The most famous traditional coffee shop
The taste of Bun Bo is so delicately prepared
Pork skewers with special gravy from mixture of soya beans, peanut, pork liver
Beef Noodles
Fish Noodles
Super hot snail
5 tastes chicken dish
I welcome you in Da Nang … I will be delighted to be with you and show you my favorite Places Cheers 🍻

Read More : on VIETNAM TRAVEL https://www.vietnam.travel/places-to-go/central-vietnam/da-nang What About Vietnam : https://www.whataboutvietnam.com/ MiKi CHef Live Stream : https://www.facebook.com/ChoPhienMiki Must See In Vietnam Live Stream : https://www.facebook.com/mustseeinvietnam/ Da Nang Foodies Guide : https://www.vietnam.travel/things-to-do/foodie-guide-da-nang

Đà Nẵng has a way of delighting visitors, especially foodies. While anyone can find their way to My Khe Beach or Marble Mountains, knowing where to go for local specialities requires inside help. 

Spread between green foothills, lazy rivers and a sun-kissed coast, Đà Nẵng draws on culinary traditions from all over Central Vietnam. There’s a lot to look forward to here: seafood hauled fresh from the sea, much-loved sweets, cafes old and new, and street food that will make your mouth water. Get your virtual chopsticks ready with this guide to eating well in Đà Nẵng.

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