Lensman’s journey captures daily moments across Vietnam’s northern highlands

By Nguyen Huu Thong September 26, 2021 | e.vnexpress.net

This article is a Must read. Nguyen Huu Thong has spent time capturing daily life in northern mountainous regions, with some of his shots catapulted to global fame. Must See In Vietnam republish Nguyen Huu Thong photos that were published recently in E.VnExpress.

Thong, 34, a native of Bac Giang Province in northern Vietnam, embarked on a photography career in 2015 and has since then grabbed over 40 domestic and international prizes. In 2021, one photo earned first prize in the “Food on the Table” category of the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year… Guess which one it is ?

After seeing these amazing art photos, you will be tempted to visit Thong North of Vietnam home places. Visit the #1 Vietnam Travellers Podcast Website : What About Vietnam : https://www.whataboutvietnam.com/

We did not publish intentionally the photos captions … as you need to read the article on https://e.vnexpress.net/photo/places/lensmans-journey-captures-daily-moments-across-vietnams-northern-highlands-4361461.html

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