20 Restaurants, Cheese production, Cheese wholesale, Dairy retail, Farm to the table … and much more … this is Pizza 4P’s

With seven locations around HCMC good news is you’re never going to be far away from their pizzas. Pizza 4P’s is one of the top restaurants in Vietnam when they will re-open. By the meantime … You can order … they deliver ❤️

Do you know ? Pizza 4P’s makes its cheese in house, which shows the remarkable extents they are willing to go for quality. Their pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven and delivered to the table piping hot and looking divine.

Pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven

Business Description

4P’s currently have four business units: Restaurants, Cheese production, Cheese wholesale, Dairy retail.

As of April 2020, the main restaurant business has a total of 26 restaurants.

Their main restaurant is Pizza 4P’s, with 20 stores (including food trucks) in Vietnam. Other brands include the global ramen brand “IPPUDO” and the specialty coffee shop “ABOUT LIFE COFFEE BREWERS” which was founded in Tokyo.

In addition, the delivery service has recently been initiated for Pizza 4P’s, IPPUDO and ABOUT LIFE COFFE BREWER. 4P’s also constantly developing new business models.

For the Dairy market, 4P’s mainly produce cheese, also other dairy products like yogurt and pudding, etc… They distribute their dairy products through wholesale and retail. They have been supplying for about 300 stores, mainly to 5-stars hotels, restaurants and gourmet stores, as well as selling the product in their own restaurants and online channels.

“Make Our Own” was the answer
to having Fresh, Delicious, Safe Cheese

4P’s cheese studio is located in the small town of Don Duong.
It is a one-hour drive away from Da Lat,
a city surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Vietnam’s leading plateau region.

Every morning, their cheese artisans make the house-made cheese, one by one, using fresh milk from cows that grew up in the rich nature of Da Lat.
This cheese making was started since we were so passionate about wowing 4P’s customer and has become the secret to their delicious dishes.

They launched the cheese studio in 2011, around the same time as the opening of their first restaurant. They initially launched it to only produce mozzarella cheese to be used at the restaurant, however they now have over 20 cheese artisans producing 400 servings of 8 different kinds of cheese daily. Their Japanese cheese artisan who has been holding the studio down since the beginning works on product development and quality improvement, while paying close attention to daily production and quality control.

Top Masuko, Founder and CEO Sanae Takasugi
Co-founder & Deputy CEO

One of the brand values of Pizza 4P’s is “Authenticity”. It is a spirit not to imitate and view things superficially, but to ask ourselves “what is being authentic?”, think deeply and continue to gain detailed insights to execute a project.

4P’s Desire to See Smiles
on Diners’ Faces Naturally Led Us to “Farm to Table”

“What can we do to put more smiles on people that dine with us?”

When we put a lot of thought into that question, 
we were naturally led to our commitment to the quality of our ingredients.

Delicious food is only the beginning, the bare minimum.
If our food is safe and healthy on top of being delicious, 
we will be able to see more smiles.

Those smiles will be the gateway to “true happiness” that we wish to spread.

This is how we found our way to our commitment, “Farm to Table”.

It is a concept that promotes serving safe and fresh foods directly from producer (farm) to consumer (table), under consistent management.

We have been able to build trust with farmers in Da Lat, who send fresh produce directly to our restaurants.
Our packaged foods such as ham and canned tomatoes come from carefully selected brands, and are imported directly from Italy.

Food safety has been a topic of discussion recently, in Vietnam.
Because we started Pizza 4P’s in this country, it is important to us that the people we serve feel truly safe and happy,
and that we bring smiles to their faces.

“Farm to Table” is one of our core values.

Must See In Vietnam ❤️ PIZZA 4P’s https://pizza4ps.com/ and warmly suggest our reader to taste the 4 cheese Pizza ❤️😋👌

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