A Beautiful Story …

Once upon a time … in a small town in central Vietnam, a beautiful seaside town known for its culture and fine culinary traditions, a very, very small Twin Buffalo was born at 5:30 am sharp. Her parents nicknamed her WIN-WIN. Win-Win was fostered by her Grandmother and her Aunt, both passionate about cooking and very affable with people. Curious, highly intelligent and bewitching, Win Win made her home in Saigon with her family in the simplicity of period Vietnam. Mischievous, hot-headed and attractive Win WIn has a lot of friends, and is developing a lot of skills in the sciences, chemistry among others. Win Win therefore studies Chemistry at the University. Brilliant, she holds several jobs and develops an entrepreneurial passion. Her family roots, mainly those of her Aunt and her Grandmother from Da Nang are more and more in them when she reaches the thirties… Win Win starts to cook and concoct his own recipes… this Beautiful Story is the true story of MiKi Chef, who is celebrating his 36th birthday today… MiKi Chef still has plenty of ambition and one of them is to distribute her organic dishes throughout Vietnam… in honor of her family and their culinary values .

During your next trip in Vietnam … If you are planning to visit Dalat Da Nang, Hue and Saigon … you must contact MiKi Chef for a culinary experience according to well-kept traditions ❤️

Happy Birthday MiKi Chef !

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