2021 has ended well for us …

The year 2021 has ended well for us, Editor and Reporter of Must See in Vietnam. Firstly thanks to the encouragement of our regular readers from several countries of the world (England, United States, India, Ireland, Italy, Taiwan, Canada and of course of Vietnam) whose number continues to increase… MILLION THANKS!

Secondly, BILLION THANKS to the Journalist and researchers by the quality of the articles we publish & we pick up and down from popular sites and others less. We must admit that these journalists make us discovering Vietnam.

Thirdly, and this is not the least of the reasons …We express our gratitude to everyone involved directly and indirectly in vaccinating the residents of the district where we live in Saigon for allowing us to receive our 3rd dose against Covid. All these people ensured the smooth running of this important task of offering the residents of Phu Nhuan District to receive the three doses … are also included in our thanks the building managers of the District and we warmly TRILLION THANKS the CBRE Team of the PR complex.

Arrived at 13:25 … Door opened 5 Minutes later … Thank you to CBRE Team Leader for the advise !
Waiting for my Pfizer shot … while Nguyen already received her Astra shot in less than 10 minutes !
14:17 … Done ! I was on line with Elders 😉 As Pfizer was warmly recommended for us 🙏

Having said that, we are attaching some photos and above all we say Thank you for following us in 2021 and we ask you to share with your friends what we believe YOU MUST SEE IN VIETNAM. We wish all of you Heatth, Happiness and the chance to discover more of Vietnam in 2022.

Nguyen and Michel 🙏❤️

Must see in Vietnam is a non profit Concept which was created during the Pandemic. We welcome any business owners in the F&B Hotel & Tourist Industry to reach us and tell us about your BiZ and what you would like Tourists know about YOU … We will be more than delighted to promote your biz in a creative way.

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