Hanoians huddle as the cold bites … however 8-degree weather can’t part some of them from their ice cream 😉

Temperatures in the capital dropped to 7-9 degrees Celsius on February 22, and chilly winds were blowing. But Trang Tien ice cream shop in Hoan Kiem District witnessed the sight of people waiting in line to buy.

On Monday, the temperature plunged to 7-9 degrees Celsius in Hanoi, along with chilly winds. At night, the temperature dropped even further. People were buffeted by the piercing cold wind when going out.

A scrap dealer huddles against the cold as she takes a break on the sidewalk of Thuy Khue Street in Tay Ho District.

Nguyen Thanh Hoai and his group of friends from the central town of Quy Nhon, on their first visit to the city, described eating ice cream in winter as a “fresh and pleasant sensation”. “This is a thrilling experience for the entire group”.

Many people prefer to eat ice cream on the sidewalk rather than take it home. Average temperature in Hanoi stands at 15.2 degrees in winters.

People on bikes wear heavy winter coats, woolen gloves and scarves to avoid the cold wind.

What a funny world !

This is an assembly of two articles by Tung Dinh of E.VNExpress.com

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