Must See in Vietnam at The Spectacular Dam Chuon Lagoon in Huế / Chiều trên phá Tam Giang – đầm Chuồn – Huế

Must See in Vietnam reporters were invited by the best Huế tourist guide for an unforgettable journey ! It’ s worthy you take 8 minutes of your time to watch our video and read our article below!

Must See in Vietnam video ©

A whole Sunday! Thanks to Uncle Hello, our friendly guide-organizer! Get up early at 6:00 am, coffee, typical Vietnamese lunch, visit and photo shoots at the king’s palace, beers to quench your thirst and excursion to the spectacular Dam Chuon Lagoon in Huế Lagoon…what a great excursion !

It starts with a GRAB ride of about 45 minutes (VND 350,000 – USD 15)… well worth it! Then it is the discovery of a huge fish farm located 15 km from the city center of Hue.

It is the brackish water lagoon which is famous for its peace, vastness and specalities at reasonable prices. Chuon lagoon looks even more late afternoon ( We arrived there at 15:00 pm and leave at 20:00 pm ). It is fulled with colorful clouds and small fishing boats. Every year, Chuon lagoon attracted thousands of tourist arrival, promoted local business activities and created job opportunities for hundreds of laborers. What attracts visitors to Chuon lagoon is the system of floating houses. Having visited Chuon lagoon, visitors may have a rest and enjoy local specialities on floating houses located right at the middle of the lagoon or the eastern dyke and enjoy the romantic sunset on Chuon lagoon.

Tam Giang Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia with a total surface area of 22,000 hectares. All big rivers in the area such as Perfume River, O Lau River, and Bo River pour into Tam Giang Lagoon before going to the East Sea. This destination is a famous tourist attraction because of its pristine beauty and romantic landscapes.

Dam Chuon lagoon provides a wide variety of traditional specialities such as Vietnamese fish pancake, and fresh seafood caught on Chuon lagoon…DELICIOUS with local beer HUDA 🍻

Banh Khoái Hue,salad … You make your own spring role 😋

Enjoy Life ! With Uncle Hello Lovely Family ❤️

You feel the Sea Breeze while you eat … it’s an amazing feeling !

The only access to the restaurant is buy a typical Vietnamese Fisherman Boat ❤️

Contact Uncle Hello for a Splendid Journey to the Lagoon : Phu +84(0)856783489

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