Must See in Vietnam Reporters have a traditional Vietnamese Breakfast in Hue with Uncle ‘Hello’ … Guest what me eat ?

With Uncle Hello you have to get up early and eat well to start the day off right!

Let’s go for Breakfast in Motorbike !

MiKi Chef is the first arrived and she is filming the chef cooking our Breakfast soup ! Today the owner of the restaurant has a special for us : VND 60,000 for unlimited meet / fish selection !
Bún bò Huế is a hidden Vietnamese gem that has yet to “make it” in mainstream Western cuisine. It’s a rich and spicy soup with deep layers of flavor. This Central Vietnamese soup is paired with tender slices of beef and pork, then topped with lots of fresh herbs.

Bún bò Huế or bún bò is a popular Vietnamese rice noodle (bún) dish with sliced beef (), chả lụa, and sometimes pork knuckles. The dish originates from Huế, a city in central Vietnam associated with the cooking style of the former royal court. The dish has a mix of spicy, salty, and umami flavors. The predominant flavor is that of lemongrass. Compared to phở or bún riêu, the noodles are thicker and cylindrical.

This is our Breakfast at Bun Cai Gun Restaurant

Outside the province of Thừa Thiên-Huế, it is called bún bò Huế to denote its origin. Within Huế and surrounding cities, it is known simply as bún bò. The broth is prepared by simmering beef bones and beef shank with lemongrass, and then seasoned with fermented shrimp sauce and sugar for taste. Spicy chili oil is added later during the cooking process.

Bún bò usually includes thin slices of marinated and boiled beef shank, chunks of oxtail, and pig’s knuckles. [5]

Bún bò is commonly served with lime wedges, cilantro sprigs, diced green onions, raw sliced onions, chili sauce, thinly sliced banana blossom, red cabbage, mint, basil, perilla, Persicaria odorata or Vietnamese coriander (rau răm), saw tooth herb (ngò gai) and sometimes mung bean sprouts. Thinly sliced purple cabbage is sometimes used a substitute when banana blossoms are not available. Purple cabbage most resembles banana blossom in texture, though not in taste. Fish sauce and shrimp paste are added to the soup according to taste. Ingredients might be varied by region due to their availability.

MiKi Chef and Uncle ‘Hello’ are preparing our table.
Must See in Vietnam video at Bun Sai Gun Restaurant in Hue, Central Vietnam
While Eating MIKi Chef found a Snails street seller …

Defiantly Bun Bo is very nutritious … and we are full energized for the busy agenda planned by Uncle ‘Hello’

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