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Eat and drink in front of a breathtaking view of the sea and leaving you intoxicated by the sound of the waves

An Bang beach Hoi An is a must to spend times for any domestic and foreign tourists. The moment of relaxing in the cool breeze, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city will make your trip more meaningful than ever.

What a joy to be able to enjoy a good meal well seated and well served on the beach

Specially you can enjoy many famous Hoi An specialities including pancakes, fish soup, grilled meat or fresh seafood such as shrimp, squids, crabs and so on relaxing in front of a breathtaking view of the sea and leaving you intoxicated by the sound of its waves !

  • Where is An Bang beach, Vietnam? 

Located in Cam An ward, Quang Nam province, just 3 kilometers away from the center of Hoi An city to the East, An Bang beach is an unmissable destination when traveling to Vietnam. Featuring in the CNN’s top 50 beaches in the world, An Bang beach has caught a lot of attention.

A typical photo of An Bang beach showing swimmers and fishing boats

Unlike the vibrant atmosphere in other beach resorts, An Bang beach reflects a beauty of tranquility with cool blue water, long white sand, and light waves rushing to the shore. As the beach is relatively unspoiled by urban development, it is an ideal place for tourists to stay in harmony with nature, escape from the hustle and bustle of life and relax their mind.

  • When is the best time to visit An Bang beach?

Thanks to a temperate climate, you can visit Hoi An city at any time during the year. Nevertheless, a trip to An Bang beach between March and September might give you the best experience. With blue sea, clean air and little rain, you can come to the beach in the morning to watch the sunrise and in the afternoon when the sun is setting.

Selfie of Must See In Vietnam Reporters on March 9th 2022


Wind & Moon Restaurant and Beach Bar is own by a very friendly local Family

The fun part of this story … we had rented one of the family houses located less than 300 meters from the beach. To go to the beach via a small alley we had to pass in front of the Wind & Moon Restaurant which was under renovation. The restaurant had been closed for quite some time due to the Covid pandemic. One late afternoon on our way back from our daily walk on the beach, heading back home, the Owner ‘Louise’ invited us to join a group of friends. Guess what happened? … we celebrated in a typical Vietnamese mood !

The next week we were invited to be the first clients of the re-opening !

Photo taken by Must see in Vietnam on March 11th at 08:30 am

We spent the all morning there eating our favorite Vietnamese dishes.

Discussing for the food pics 😉
We have ordered Fish Soup, Fresh Oysters and Beers ( 8 ) and pay VND 270,000
This is a part of the menu of Wind & Moon Restaurant & Beach Bar
For Reservations : call 090530 07 81
The Owners like hosting groups !
What a nice environment for eating, relaxing or have fun with friends !
MiKi Chef warmly recommend Wind & Moon Restaurant & Beach Bar

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