WEAVERS Great British Food Since 2014, An Bang Beach – Hoi An

How can we say … Weavers is a must, especially if you are lacked of a good western-style lunch or meal… we should better say … if you need the best British Pub breakfast or meal in Vietnam!

All the Expats in An Bang Beach know WEAVERS, specially British Expats. During our 5 week stay we found that Weavers was the busiest restaurant on Nguyen Phan Vinh street !

Eating at Weaver has something to make you happy!

Look at the menu and you will understand why …

Yummy Yummy Yummy !

Hospitality at the Weavers is special. During our visits we were well received by Tim and his wife who are remarkably kind.

Tim and Ly, the friendly Owners

Our Experience at Weavers is GREAT , we had a Tuna Salad, a baguette with a portion of the Best French Fries with gravy and cheese I had in Vietnam😍 with Beers 🍻 ! We recommend this special French Fries recipe … just worth the detour at 87 Nguyen Phan Vinh 😉

We promise to come back very soon for an interview with the owners and tell you more about their ‘WEAVERS’ passion ❤️

We did not stay long enough to have a Real Breakfast …

Looks so Delicious ! Not surprised to see a bunch of Tim’s friend there during the Week End !
Ly makes MiKi Chef ‘s Day by serving her a very cold Beer … with salt and Lemon … CHEERS WEAVERS

By the meantime have a look at the menu and visit Weavers FaceBook FanPage : Weavers Hoi An

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