Saigon Restaurant to Discover: Nhà Hàng Bờ Sông Ông Pá ~ Saigon ~ District 2 ~ the story of a passionate ❤️

We have discovered, at Ông Pá, a little something that make us feeling more than well … is it the Location, is it the River flow, the Delicious North of Vietnam Food, the efficient and discreet service, the cold beers we like drinking while seating at the edge of the river ? We found out by writing this article … it is all of out what is written above and much more ! Follow us with a site visit…

Photo by Ong Pa from Ong Pa Facebook Fan Page

👉 First, access to Ong Pa is via a dirt road in a crescent, actually at the end of the winding Nguyen Van Hong street. There is a white sign on your left that will reassure you that you have arrived at the right place

Once Arrived … Take care to look around you… 👀 watch where you put your feet after heaving rains, look at the luxurious residence on your right, banana trees on your left …

Photo by Must See In Vietnam

… still on your left you will see what the owner has built for the apprentice chefs an experimental kitchen with everything what an apprentice chef can dream of cooking.

MiKi Chef has a eye on this Kitchen Laboratory 🧑‍🍳

… with evidence there is a large space for motorcycles, cars, in front of you multicolored containers This is for the initial … this is your Entrée !

Here we are … turn left and you will discover Ong Pa Passion …

We warn you… standing there… you will be distracted… you will not look for the restaurant as the islets of greenery, gardens and multicolored decorations typical of North Vietnam will attract your attention! There is so much to see! Believe us! What surprises us at each of our visits changes!

Plants laboratory and behind private dining room ~ Photo by Must See in Vietnam
You guessed right – Decorations for TET
Miki chef like the garden islets ~ photo by Must See In Vietnam
All the vegetable you eat at Ong Pa are fresh ~ photo by Must See In Vietnam
MiKi Chef likes to be photographed in the garden~ photo by Must See In Vietnam

Advancing slowly, after turning your head and your eyes from left to right… you will find the restaurant and the Bar on your right, the terrace in front of you and the Saigon river.

Photo Ong Pa Facebook Fan Page
THE RIVER ! Photo extracted from a promotional video of Ong Pa …. This is an ideal location for Corporate Parties, Wedding …
… Once seated at the edge of the river the first thing ladies do is SELFIES !
Then order Beers … and Cheers 🍻
and 👀 around
and look around again
Take more pictures
Order food, take more pictures and start eating !

Ong Pa offers you a nice variety of meals and desserts mainly from Northern Vietnam. The Bar is interesting and you will be shown around the wine cellar for your choice of wine to accompany your meal. We forgot… Ong Pa offers Thai food. As the temperature is hot in Saigon, a good cold beer will quench your thirst.

We are frequent customers and we have seen that before and after the pandemic and the restrictive measures, the same staff is in place.

And here we are to reveal a secret to you and what is in honor of the passionate Proprio Ong Pa: his generosity! We are lucky to know him and appreciate his humor, his discretion, his availability, his simplicity and above all his passion that of a good farmer who loves people and life.

It is this passion that you will rediscover on each of your visits.

Little publicity is made … good luck if you find some – and we suspect that Ong Pa is well-loved by its local and westerners as we observed during our visits.

Réservation : 090 765 66 67

Nhà Hàng Bờ Sông Ông Pá > MUST EAT IN VIETNAM !

Our sources for our articles are from Must See in Vietnam Reporters, Local-Insider, Vietnam Express, https://www.the crazy,, the No 1 Vietnam Travellers Podcast website and “UNCLE HELLO” ( Da Nang, Hoi An & Huế )

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