Today Let’s Talk about Must See In Vietnam

Let’s talk about us and what motivated us to create Must See In Vietnam, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic during the first wave, before the long restrictions in Vietnam

Must see in Vietnam was born from a crush of two passionate lovers and lovers of Vietnam.

Nguyen & Michel , Editor and Reporter volunteer @ Must See In Vietnam

Economically affected by the pandemic, seated in the garden of a restaurant located in Thao Dien / Saigon, with a tight budget, sipping a cold beer while waiting for the meal of the day, the future volunteers reporters were discussing how to turn positive and help society in the face of the unknown and during this time of crisis.

Always chatting with passion and watching the beauties of the garden and what was happening around them… the phrase Must See In Vietnam always came up.

Bui Restaurant in Thao Dien, where Must See In Vietnam concept was born strangely we never wrote any article about this great restaurant 😅

Nguyen, born in Da Nang and expatriated in Saigon, reminded Michel of his fondest memories as a child, young adult and entrepreneur traveling to Vietnam and not always in easy conditions, reminding him of the beauty of Vietnam and especially the beauty of the people.

Nguyen travelling in train on a long run from Da Nang to Saigon … remembering her souvenirs while travelling alone with her twin to reach Dad who had a new job in Saigon

Having both experienced recent turmoil in their love and professional lives, they discussed with great passion the way Vietnamese are strong to survive crisis.

No matter what happens the Vietnamese people like to laugh, have fun and roll up their sleeves when the time comes

Quickly, the discussion turns around the entrepreneurial spirit of the Vietnamese, their mercantile spirit, their way of life, the gray economy which is an important cog in the economy of Vietnam.

This photo represent well the Vietnam Economy … including the Logistic in goods delivery by Motorbikes. The particularity of many Vietnamese is they are living the level on top of their shops.

You guess Must See In Vietnam constantly came up in the conversation, then this photo was immortalized … and Must See In Vietnam took shape as a Blog with World Press, because it’s free and Must See In Vietnam started 😉

This was the first Must See In Vietnam photo modified in cartoon

Then the concept, the mission, the logo was created with the help of two passionate Vietnamese, University students in Germany in Marketing and Artificial Intelligence. In fact, they are also two lovers who contributed with passion to the start-up Must See In Vietnam

Our First Logo designed by Trang & Duy ( Antoine )
Actual Logo designed by Trang & Duy

Seeing is simply seeing without knowing about what is being seen. Follow us to know more about Vietnamese dishes, culture and more. ( Mission statement created by Trang and Duy )

Creative Team Meeting !

Mission: To promote what is unique, what we believe must be seen and promoted in Vietnam

Our First Post ! Thank to Trang and Duy

Our difficulties were multiple because of the confinement, mentions Michel. Mostly because of our intention to post daily. We had to do research and publish quality articles.

Must See In Vietnam Articles Bibles

Without being seasoned journalists, we have grown our ratings and increased our followers and conversion rates, says Michel.

The articles we have written and produced have had the most success, including an article about our own first vaccination. Speaking of social media, constantly posting, we noticed the growing interest on Facebook and Linkedin using the concept of cross-referrals.

The article we wrote about our first vaccination went Viral on Social Medias with more than 70,000 likes

That said, after a year and having learned on the job the workings of marketing, we are proud to have been able, if only on a small level, to help the people whose stories we publish and whom we consider a good fit. in Must See In Vietnam.

Nguyen posing proudly during a report !

Well, our work is voluntary and we would eventually like to benefit from a return of favor from advertisers or economic spinoffs from social networks in the event of the virality of our publications, explains Nguyen. Nguyen and Michel believe of the needs and the contribution of Must See In Vietnam for Vietnam …

Our reward is the feedback of the people or business subjects of our articles, explain Michel. Their feedback is extremely important for us as well as the ones of our followers .

👀 We are always looking for stories to tell for our readers. Whether it’s a start-up or an existing, innovative company in the F&B Industry in Vietnam that needs to be known… write to us at

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