Easter Sunday in Phu Nhuan, Ward 11, Saigon with ‘Uncle Hello’

Let us tell you about our Sunday ( Easter Sunday ) with our ‘Uncle Hello’… well yes …. ‘Uncle Hello’ from Hue… is visiting us and working now in Saigon! 🆒

Our morning has started by talking with Pépère and Véro in Montréal … Pépère was happy and looking Great …he is one of our avid readers! We will tell you in an other article who is Pépère …

After doing domestic chores, we left to meet ‘Uncle Hello’ in front of a nice restaurant that we want to talk to you about today.

As luck would have it, Uncle Hello and we arrived at the same time … and after the traditional hugs we entered and sat down at table #20.

Again by chance, the owner who is from Hanoi came to greet us and guess what… he and Uncle Hello come from the same Industry… Tourism… enough to revive the discussion in a friendly way.

Let’s talk about the beer first…we ordered a 2 Liters Draft « Bomb » Beer … and look at the Menu!

What a shape ! What a taste with our today’s dishes ! HANOI BEER KEG 2 LITER.
4.1% alcohol

The Keg is made of stainless steel. The owner advised us to fill our glasses halfway so it’s easy to keep cold in an Ice Bucket and serve cold as long as we follow the restaurant owner advise : fill your glass half … Drink and fill again half and order more 👍😜🍻

After few keg MiKi Chef wanted to produced her craft beer and already have an idea about the logoanyone has comments ? 😜

Let’ s talk about Habeco. Habeco (HABECO, Hanoi Beer Alcohol and Beverage Joint Stock Corp., Vietnam: Hanoi Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Joint Stock Corporation) is a beverage company headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is the third largest beer company in Vietnam and }owner of the Hanoi Beer and Truc Bach Beer brands. It is under the ownership and authority of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and has a strategic partnership with Carlsberg Group, which owns more than 10% of the company’s shares as of November 2012. Habeco produced 422.4 million liters of beer and sold 413.5 million liters in 2011, an increase of 4% and 2.3% compared to 2010.

Let’s talk about the food which is as per MiKi Chef, one of the best Hanoi Style District Restaurant in Saigon…See below what she has ordered :

The house specialty : Grilled Tofu, Vegetable Springs rolls, black pudding, meat balls with minced meet, boiled pork, rice noodles, fresh cucumbers and vegetable.
Pork intestin, tomatoes, kind of céleri, serves in a mid-spicy sauce with dried oignons.
‘Uncle Hello’ philosopher and MiKi Chef is listening religiously…!

Why we love this restaurant ? the quality and freshness of the food, the cleanliness of the premises, the atmosphere, the welcome of the owners and of course the 2-litre beer keg 😋

How we feel after 3 Kegs 😜
You cannot miss it ! It’s a colourful facade … Facing the river !
You can make reservation at 090 426 26 36 or simply order … they deliver via all the delivery companies
Recommended by ‘Uncle Hello
If you did not visit Phu Nhuan Market … you cannot say you have been in Vietnam 😜

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