Must See in Vietnam / The start up in photos … at the early stage of the pandemic

Seeing is simply seeing without knowing about what is being seen. Follow us to know more about Vietnamese dishes, culture and more.

By popular demand, we are publishing excerpts from our first reports … in live streams or in publication. Thank you to all our readers for reading and encouraging us to entertain you by posting what we believe must be seen in Vietnam.

Must See in Vietnam first report ever @
Kim Thao Restaurant earring baby duck eggs …
… Then we became addicted : 104 Xuân Thủy, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
Nguyen became MiKi Chef … shopping at Vin Com Supermarket in Masteri Compound …
Nguyen birthday Party December et 23rd 2020 … Where is MiKi Chef ?
An Interesting way of eating French fries … in a butter & sugar dip ! You read well a dip in butter & sugar 😋😆 this was our first viral video !
No so long … we were shooting ( Photos ) @ Ong Pa restaurant … Hey MiKi did we publish this pics ?
MiMi … acting as a guardian at the main Masteri Entrance … where you working for real ? 😜
Serious business now … rumours of lock down at the early stage of the first wave … I think MiKi was shopping for Beers 🍻 and MiMi for Toilet Papers 🧻
Which pics was taken in December 2021 ?

Our sources for our articles are from Must See in Vietnam Reporters, Local-Insider, Vietnam Expresshttps://www.E.VNExpress.nethttps://www.the crazy, and the No 1 Vietnam Travellers Podcast website and

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