Saigon People Photos on The Spot in the streets …

We love walking around neighborhoods, interviewing people and taking pictures. The Saigonese lend themselves well to this game. On this Sunday we offer you some photos of nice people that we approached on the street and on the spot! Happy Sunday and remember that life is worth living! The Editor

Look at this smile ! Is n’t contagious ? Smiley is her nickname, she is managing a food street stand in Phu Nhuan Market in the food place area. You will find it every day from 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m.! Encourage her and you will get the smile that will make your day! Her Hủ tiếu ( Soul ) is delicious !
A friendly trader whom we encouraged. He took the time to listen to us, we filmed him, tasted his lychees which we obviously bought with mangosteen.
Its fruit stall 😋 Măng Cut (mangosteen ) at the right. For that evening guess what was our dinner ?
We love Măng Cut … Soooooo Delicious !
This merchant looks very serious … however his flowers are very beautiful and healthy
These are the Hoa Ly … with an amazing good smell of purity ! … and it is not expensive ( 120,000 VND ) and are alive for more than one week
Lovely Family ! 🥰
another family that we stopped in the street who willingly lent themselves to our games 🙂
and the most welcoming and courteous tall young man in our building … who watches over our safety ! Hey residents … he merits red envelops 😉

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