Calorie count for Vietnam’s most popular breakfast / meals options

Well, most of us have breakfast and have a meal which should in principle give us the energy we need to get through the morning well. The Vietnamese people, don’t be surprised, will vary their meal in the morning, by eating a bowl of noodle soup and then will vary their meal for lunch and dinner. So for those who are calorie conscious or curious, here’s a list of popular breakfast options in Vietnam and the amount of calories they contain. PST … we had beer as Vietnamese people love drinking beer … Must See In Vietnam Editor … Cheers !

Name: Bia Hanoi
Brewer: Habeco (Hanoi Alcohol Beer & Beverages Company)
Original from: Hanoi
Alcohol Level: 4.2%
Calories: 126
About 75 percent of Vietnamese like to put ice cubes in their beer glasses, a survey has found. The respondents said that ice makes beer “definitely” or “relatively” better. / and less calorific ? Is this why most of Vietnamese people are well fitted ? 😉😇😊

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