Michel Verdy, Volunteer Reporter / Co-Founder of Must See In Vietnam

Our life during we turn several pages of the book of our life. Today our volunteer reporter is shooting another with serenity. I know he Does not worry about his age, he gets a new one every year 😉 Cheers 🍻… So today let’s celebrate him! Must See In Vietnam Editor

Michel selfie @ 05:30 am
Michel impressive short Bio
Branding & marketing your Business in Vietnam to the World

Our sources for our articles are from Must See in Vietnam Reporters, Local-Insider , Vietnam ExpressThe Crazy TouristsRoad Affairs , Vietnam PlusThe Travel, Vietnam DiscoveryVietnam TravelWhat about Vietnamthe No 1 Vietnam Travellers Podcast website and any readers, storey tellers, travellers who have a wonderful story to tell. 

So we are looking for stories to tell for our readers. Whether it’s a start-up or an existing, innovative company in the F&B Industry in Vietnam that needs to be known… write to us at MustSeeInVietnam@Gmail.com

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