Cat Ba among most idyllic islands in Southeast Asia – A Must See In Vietnam on your List

Canadian travel magazine The Travel listed Phu Quoc Island in the south and northern Cat Ba Island among the most stunning islands in Southeast Asia. Must See In Vietnam is introducing you today Cat Ba Island … a Must See In Vietnam Destination when you will visit Hai Phong … The Editor

Phu Quoc, Cat Ba among most idyllic islands in Southeast Asia

The magazine said Thailand is known in the region for beautiful islands, but there are other idyllic islands in other parts of Southeast Asia that are even more affordable.

It came up with a list of the top 10 islands in Southeast Asia that aren’t in Thailand, which includes Phu Quoc and Cat Ba.

“Cat Ba Island offers diverse wildlife, scenic hiking trails, and relaxing beaches. It has a budding tourism infrastructure with some hostels and hotels available to book on the island,” the magazine wrote.

Cat Ba Archipelago in the northern city of Hai Phong, adjacent to world heritage site Ha Long Bay, has 367 islands, of which Cat Ba is the largest.

The island is surrounded by limestone karst mountains rising from turquoise waters that make it an ideal destination for cruise tours.

“While Phu Quoc is the most convenient island to visit in the south, travelers visiting Hanoi in the north of the country will find Cat Ba more accessible,” the magazine noted.

Cat Ba Island is called “the pearl of the Gulf of Tonkin”

Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba is favored with many beautiful scenes (Source: Collected)

For many years, Cat Ba Island has been a hidden gem that has gone unnoticed by tourists. But now, it is always among the top choices of tourists when visiting Hai Phong thanks to its clear turquoise water and mysterious caves. With the travel experience below, nature lovers will have another must-visit place to put on the travel checklists.

1. About Cat Ba Island Vietnam

Cat Ba Island is the main and the largest island among the 367 islands making up the Cat Ba Archipelago. About 45 kilometers to the East of Hai Phong City and 25 kilometers from the UNESCO heritage site – Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba stands out as one of the symbols of local tourism.Many tourists love visiting Cat Ba Island (Source: @_.trongsky._)

Cat Ba Island

Covering more than 26,000 hectares of high biodiversity, Cat Ba is known as the 3rd biosphere reserve in Vietnam. Notably, in 2004, this island was recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve Zone.

Cat Ba terrain is famous for its Karst topography. This kind of topography, characterized by limestone mountains, stunning caves and smooth white sandy beaches, contributes to the unique beauty of this island.

Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba is an ideal place for nature lovers (Source: @fireangel80)

2. When is the best time to visit Cat Ba Island?

Surrounded by clear water and virgin forests, the weather in Cat Ba Island is cool and fresh all year round. Annually, Cat Ba welcomes thousands of domestic and international tourists, especially during the peak season.The perfect time to go swimming in Cat Ba is from April to October (Source: @t.h.u.t.r.a.n.g)

Cat Ba Island
The perfect time to go swimming in Cat Ba is from April to October (Source: @t.h.u.t.r.a.n.g)

From April to October is a perfect period of time for swimming thanks to the calm waves and the ideal weather. In the rest of the year, you can see fewer tourists in Cat Ba Island so this time is suitable for exploring nature.

3. How to get to Cat Ba Island?

Cat Ba Island is about 150 kilometers from Hanoi Capital to the Southeast. Therefore, tourists have various choices in terms of transportation from Ha Noi to Cat Ba. It is easy and convenient for you to chill out on the bus or train. If you want to budget and enjoy every single moment of your trip, traveling by motorbike can meet your needs.

Cat Ba Island
Traveling by motorbike is a suggestion for you (Source: Collected)

If you are from the central and southern regions, you can take a flight to Hanoi or Cat Bi Airport in Hai Phong, and then move to Cat Ba for more convenience. For those who are crazy for extremes, the Cat Ba cable car will be the perfect choice. The whole route has a total length of 3,955 meters, recognized as the world’s highest cable car route.

4. What to do in Cat Ba Island?

Below are the top 7 activities you should try once when visiting Cat Ba Island:

4.1. Kayaking Cat Ba

Your Cat Ba Island tours will be incomplete without taking part in kayaking, one of the popular outdoor activities here. Just imagine yourself on the way to explore the remote hidden lagoons and deserted islands on your little kayak. It would be so adventurous!

Cat Ba Island
You should try kayaking when visiting Cat Ba (Source: Collected)

4.2. Watching coral reefs

Cat Ba Island is favored with attractive colorful coral reefs, representing the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. These coral reefs are under strict protection which helps to boost tourism development. A lot of diving tours are designed for visitors to admire the coral reefs and take pictures of the vivid underwater forest.

Cat Ba Island
Watching coral reefs is an activity you should not miss (Source: Collected)

4.3. Rock climbing Cat Ba

Cat Ba Island offers you not only beautiful beaches but also majestic mountains which are suitable for rock climbing. This activity will give you a new experience and a highlight for your trip when coming to this amazing pearl island.

Unlike other places in the world, the rock mountains here vary in features and shapes, which will bring participants different emotions on the way to conquering the top of the mountains.

Cat Ba Island
Rock climbing is suitable for those who love adventures (Source: Collected)

4.4. Night squid fishing on Cat Ba Island cruises

Night squid fishing is a unique type of entertainment in Cat Ba. A short fishing trip costs about 500,000 VND!. Yet, it is worthwhile because you can not only learn fishing skills from the experienced fishers but also have an unforgettable time on the sea at night.

Cat Ba Island
Night squid fishing is an interesting activity (Source: Collected)

4.5. Exploring Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba National Park is located in Cat Hai District, about 30 kilometers to the South of the city center. With an area of ​​26,240 hectares, this is one of the largest special-use forests of Vietnam, where the world’s biosphere is stored.

Cat Ba National Park is home to many marine ecosystems, terrestrial forests, submerged forests as well as rare species of flora and fauna, which makes it deserving of the world’s Biosphere Reserve.

Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba Island National Park is home to many species (Source: Collected)

4.6. Visiting Cai Beo Fishing Village

Cai Beo Fishing Village is one of the largest ancient fishing villages in the country, dating back to about 7000 years ago. Heading to the South, about 2 kilometers from Cat Ba Island, tourists can find hundreds of houses lining up close together like a miniature city. Coming here, tourists can have a chance to contemplate the beautiful scenery, enjoy the fresh seafood and experience the local life.

Cat Ba Island
Cai Beo Fishing Village viewed from above (Source: Collected)

4.7. Enjoying Cat Ba cuisine

The cuisine has become a distinctive part of local tourism. This culinary paradise is home to a variety of must-try delicacies such as otter clams, shrimp noodles and sea snakes. Besides, Cat Hai fish sauce, Cat Ba forest honey and other dried seafood are precious gifts that you can buy for your relatives.

Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba cuisine is diverse with a lot of seafood dishes (Source: Collected)

5. Where to stay in your Hai Phong tour to Cat Ba?

For a complete trip, choosing the right accommodation is essential. In Cat Ba Island, there are many types of accommodation such as motels, hotels, homestays,… However, you should choose the all-inclusive hotels like Vinpearl Hai Phong to get the best experience, especially, you will have a chance to go golfing at the luxury golf course Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong.

5.1. Vinpearl Hotel Rivera Hai Phong

Vinpearl Hotel Rivera Hai Phong is located in a prime location right in the Vinhomes Imperia campus. This is a 5-star hotel building with an elegant and luxurious appearance like a resort in the center of the city. The classical architecture and the impressive beauty are the two factors that make the hotel become a not-to-be-missed destination.

Cat Ba Island
Vinpearl Hotel Rivera Hai Phong should be your choice to visit Cat Ba at ease

The system of rooms at Vinpearl Hotel Rivera Hai Phong fully meets relaxation needs. The room has a large balcony with a great view. The most prominent highlight is the 311-square-meter outdoor swimming pool which helps tourists be close to nature during their stay.

5.2. Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong

Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong has modern and classy architecture and includes 362 comfortable rooms. When staying there, you can enjoy typical dishes of Hai Phong City at Harbor Restaurant or chill out at the luxurious Sky Bar. All of these will be indispensable experiences in your trip to Hai Phong.

Cat Ba Island

Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong has a system of modern and comfortable rooms

  • Address: Vinhomes Imperia, Hanoi Street, Thuong Ly, Hong Bang, Hai Phong
  • Phone: 84-225 3266 888

Cat Ba Island attracts a lot of tourists each year thanks to its beautiful scenes and exciting activities. Hopefully, the information about Cat Ba that we provide above will help you be well-prepared for your upcoming trip.

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