Must See in Vietnam was there @ The Grand Opening of PIANO ZONE Academy in HCMC

You guess playing music is a dream for many of us. Very young, many children dream of playing the piano. Did you know that to see oneself playing the piano in a dream indicates that we master the full range of our means of expression, that the support of our talent is used to the maximum of its possibilities? Is this the reason why many parents encourage their children to take piano lessons? Yesterday we met two passionate musicians, who created the Piano Zone academy … we invite you to take the time to read this article and listen to the brief interview with two fantastic young artists. Must See In Vietnam Editor

Khoa surrounded By Must See In Vietnam Editor and Reporter
Piano Zone Academy with 14 Yamaha Pianos
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The Interviews with the Artists Co-Founders :

Khoa & Thanh live Interview @ Must See In Vietnam ~ June 12 2022
Piano Zone Academy it’s a flight 🎶
Branding & marketing your Business in Vietnam to the World

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