A New Unique Luxury Train Experience in Vietnam

A new luxury train, The Vietage, is just launched to take guests on a journey through the Vietnamese countryside. Must see In Vietnam makes your mouth water with this article extract form the Vietage web! The Editor

The start of your luxury journey


Central Vietnam’s most exclusive railway experience unites history with nature, beauty with luxury, and excitement with serenity. This elegant 12-guest carriage is a luxury train in Vietnam which links historic Hoi An to the unhurried coastlines of Quy Nhon, 318 kilometres to the south, on a six-hour journey that immerses travellers in the romance of the rails.

Inspired by the beauty of Vietnam and the luxury of vintage rail travel, The Vietage’s six spacious booths feature two comfortable window seats, offering everyone on board views of Central Vietnam’s verdant plains, forested mountains and sparkling shores. This beautifully designed carriage also features its own sit-up bar, gourmet dining, private restroom and a dedicated area for head and shoulder treatments.

While The Vietage has been created to provide luxurious cross-country transfers for guests travelling between Anantara Hoi An Resort and Anantara Quy Nhon Resort, the journey is open to all.


The Vietage departs every morning from Da Nang Railway Station arriving in Quy Nhon in the afternoon. It makes the return journey in the late afternoon, departing from Dieu Tri Railway Station in the evening and arriving in Da Nang around midnight.

Once all are on board, the hosts will serve refreshments – guests are welcome to sit at the bar or settle into your window-side seat. Along the way, sip bubbles and taste the flavours of Vietnam as you pass through spectacular scenery, drinking in panoramic views of postcard-perfect terrains. Depending on the season, enjoy lush, monsoon-green landscapes or spectacularly sun-drenched days.

Within Vietnam’s natural splendours, you might also catch a glimpse of indigenous plants and animals, of ancient history, or of local daily life. Bright bursts of frangipanis. Water buffaloes grazing in fields. White cranes drifting across azure skies. Your host will provide you with a ‘Discovery Book’ that provides all the guidance and information you need for a pleasant and comfortable journey.


  • Wine cellar
  • Sit-up bar
  • Curated menu of Vietnamese and French flavours
  • Selected free-flow wines, beers, soft drinks, tea and specialty coffee
  • Free-flow exclusively-curated cocktails by Resident Mixologists
  • Add-on dining choices include premium wines, Champagnes, caviar, and local and international cheeses
  • Dedicated area for head and shoulder treatments
  • Power outlets and charging stations
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Luxurious seating for 12 passengers only
  • Six private booths with two comfortable seats per booth
  • Sleeper booths available for the evening journey between Quy Nhon & Danang
  • A dedicated kids’ menu is available, along with games and activities for children to keep them occupied during the journey

For those interested in the names and times of the stops along the way, please refer to the table below. Each stop lasts only a few moments and we regret to inform you that it is not possible to leave the train at these short pauses in the journey. All guests should arrive at least 30 minutes before departure.

Quý khách tham khảo thông tin về các chuyến tàu, thời gian khởi hành và các điểm dừng trên hành trình theo như bảng bên dưới. Mỗi điểm dừng chỉ kéo dài một vài phút và quý khách sẽ không được rời tàu ở mỗi điểm dừng ngắn này. Tất cả các khách sẽ phải có mặt ít nhất 30 phút trước khi tàu khởi hành.



Slow down and enjoy Vietnam train travel with a range of luxurious onboard facilities and services. On The Vietage there’s time to relax and admire the changing landscapes of the region, to savour inspired gastronomy and to socialise and reconnect – or simply tune out and take a breath. Onboard hosts ensure every journey is a memorable one.


Vietage executive chef has created a three-course epicurean experience for guests, bringing together modern Vietnamese cuisine, French culinary techniques and international flavours using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. The specially curated menu offers meat, fish and plant-based dishes. Click here to see the Menu


Retreat to a quiet nook for a soothing head and shoulder treatment. Let muscle tensions melt away as the train’s rhythmic passage through serene countryside brings a sense of restorative calm. Arrive at your destination fully revitalised.


Raise a glass of bubbles or drink local with a classic iced tea, or cà phê đá. The Vietage offers selected free-flow wines, beers, cocktails, soft drinks, tea and specialty coffee throughout your journey. For a touch more indulgence, à la carte premium wines, Champagnes, caviar, and international and local cheeses are available to pre-order. We’ve curated a lively and exclusive experience with The Vietage’s bespoke cocktails selection created by our Resident Mixologists.


As you watch Central Vietnam amble by outside, curious sights might catch your eye – the ruins of ancient cities, historical relics, lakes and towers. There are the crumbled ramparts of Trà Kiệu, the first capital city of the Hindu Champa Kingdom; the coastal city of Quảng Ngãi, home to the Long Wall of Vietnam; and the An Khe Lake, considered the cradle of Sa Huynh culture.

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