Street Food Experience … in a labyrinth street of Saigon … a remedy of when you feel the blues …

What can I tell you other than to express our immense pleasure in tasting meals in the streets of Saigon. Particularly, when walking through the labyrinthine streets / alleys of this surprising city, we discovered this street food restaurant. Here is our benchmark : Hủ tiếu mì A Sam

> It’s behind The Prince Residence in Phú Nhuận district …

To get there walk (it is worth it) on Nguyeh Văn Troi towards the airport. As soon as you arrive at the intersection ( SACOMBANK AND ACB ) , turn left and take the first street on the left. To avoid getting lost, walk by staying on the widest alley. Hủ tiếu mì A Samis on your left.Pork slices are very lean

Their specialty is hủ tiếu gõ, a type of noodle that is served with a small bowl of pork soup, which you drink on the side. If you are like me, it’s Uncle Minh who wrote this text, you will cheerfully add soy sauce and especially peppers to the noodles (a lot of peppers)… you understand that the soup is used to soothe your palate with a special taste pork soup with chives leaves and onions. Guess how much it cost ?

> Chives Leaves

We discovered this street food restaurant a few weeks ago while walking, during a rainless evening … which has been rare for a few weeks. Each time we went there, and this is unique, the tables were surely filled by the same inhabitants of the neighborhood, very friendly! Plus … the quality and taste of the meal is always the same 👍

On this Friday, I had the blues… it happens, MiKi Chef forced me to get some fresh air and eat there! No need to tell you that it delighted me and that a good old lady made my day. I tell you…This lady sat beside MiKi Chef … Look at her eyes 🥰

MiKi Chef asked me to do a mini report for Must See In Vietnam and during the report an old woman approached and sat next to MiKi. I noticed that she had lottery tickets in her hands…(yes lottery tickets are sold in kiosks and also by itinerant vendors. I held out my hand to see the ticket numbers, she told me.

While I was looking at the tickets, I did not notice that she had come to eat…I find 2 sets of tickets with lucky numbers, I pay her…VND 20,000 ( USD 0.86 ) and ask her if she has a number… 57… it remains unanswered… MiKi Chef discusses with her… speak speak jase jase, the lady finishes her soup and she gives me two tickets with the like number I was looking for… The lady give me one pile of lottery tickets … searching for the VND 2 billion winning number

I advanced another VND 20,000 and thanked her. What made my day was her look was that of a good old lady who overflowed with kindness and warmth. So much for this day that started in fishtail and ended in moments of happiness: the food, this lady and this report.

Plus the smile of gratitude from the owner when we left What a Day ! Even I did not win 🤣 BTW the Meal coast VND 25,000 – USD 1.08 !!!

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This article is written by Uncle Minh, Reporter of Must See In Vietnam. Thank you to our sponsors MiKi Chef Vietnam and VGlobal Partners Vietnam

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