Must See In Vietnam 5 best Articles published during the recent weeks on our Social Medias Platforms …

This morning, we share with our readers the 5 most read articles in June, published on this site, on our Facebook FanPage ( and on our Linkedin platforms (Group Must See In Vietnam and that of our journalist “Uncle Minh” Our site on World Press is apolitical and has the mission of making people discover Vietnam, particularly what we believe deserves to be known, seen and shared. In order of viewing on all of our platforms, we share our top 5 with some photos. Happy reading and Happy Weekend! Must see in Vietnam Editor .

#1 Vietnam likely to replace China as factory of the world in near future 👉 👀
#2 Coming out of your ‘bubble’ feels good… doesn’t it? … 👉 👀
#3 Breaking ‘ Good ’ News : Vietnam jumps 39 notches in quality of life rankings 👉 👀
#4 Vietnam celebration spills out into the Country streets after the victory of the National men’s football Team Sunday – This happens only in VIETNAM 👉 👀
#5 Must See in Vietnam: A Soccer Match (Football) @ Thống Nhất Stadium in HCMC 👉 👀
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Vietnam is a land of opportunities and investments, provided you know the local business practice there and become familiar with a constantly changing legal framework.
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