A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

Vietnam modern Architecture

The cultural richness of Vietnam is expressed considerably in the variety of its habitats. In the city or in the countryside, from one city to another, from one mountain to another, from one ethnic group to another, you will be surprised during your next trip to Vietnam by its formidable architectural heritage, as well varied and exciting. You will also find that much of the French colonial architecture is still well marked in the artistic and decorative style of Vietnam. This morning we present to you a work of art of architectural design. Happy reading… Must See In Vietnam Editor

A house in central Quang Ngai Province is designed to have a sloping tiled roof to quickly drain rainwater, avoid baking sunshine and allow cool wind from the sea. 

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

The 160 square-meter family plot covers 500 square meters near My Khe Beach, Quang Ngai Province.

The owner wanted to have a house that could take advantage of the location, adjacent to the beach, and alleviate the disadvantages of the hot, rainy weather in central Vietnam.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

The architect’s solution was a lithe, tropical style house highlighting the local identity, with a sloping tile roof to quickly drain rainwater.

The design is expressed through red bricks, sunshine and sand. The red tile roof combines with curved white walls, mimicking two intertwined red and white silk ribbons.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

The overall shape of the building solves the climatic disadvantages. Its northern side, often hit by heavy rain in winter, is sheltered, and both Eastern and Western fronts are designed to attract natural light.

With this design, the owner can enjoy both sunrise and sunset from the sandy yard.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

To reduce wind pressure, the architect designed secluded spaces between buildings.

Parts of the living area are linked by a corridor, where people can gather around a fire and chat.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

Instead of lawns and trees, a sandy yard is placed between structures.

According to the architect, the house is in a fishing village where people are used to living with sand and sunshine, with the sandy yard meant to highlight the local identity and provide the owner’s family respite from the city.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

The house is designed to take in the cool wind and avoid the baking sunshine from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

The spiral staircase leads to the second floor.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

The interior uses traditional local materials to express a minimalist style. The use of rustic wooden furniture along with bamboo blinds provides a sense of coolness and familiarity.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

A corner of the kitchen.

A house like a silk ribbon in the wind

The 3D plan of the building.

Construction took five months to complete, at a cost of VND2 billion ($83,000) … Yes you read well (USD 83,000) !

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