MSIV / Report : Da Nang from Bai Rang-Son tra Beach – You should be here !

We were there ❤️ Must See in Vietnam Editor

Little visited by foreigners, this beach has a really special character. It is not crowdy at all even during weekend !!! It is the ideal place for a picnic with family or friends. To get there by motorcycle (the ideal way) the view is bewitching because first you go along the beach and then you go up the mountain.

A nice motorbike ride … the driver-guide is your Editor

There are a few stops where you can stop to take pictures of Da Nang beach and skyscrapers. The forest is very dense. On arrival, you have to park the motorcycle, an attendant will charge you VND 10,000, and go down a small meandering concrete driveway.

Going down to the Beach / Huts (+/- 200 meters)

A young boy of about ten who speaks good English takes care of us and directs us to a hut on the beach.

Da Nang from Bai Rang-Son tra Beach Huts

It is there and on the beach that you will spend your day … yes your day … because the sound of the waves and the wind plus the meals brought or ordered on site in addition to toasting to refresh yourself … will delay your departure towards the city

Your Editor (MiKi Chef) running to splash in the sea — looks the city in the background this is the Vietnam’s Miami : Da Nang ❤️

Located in the southern part of Da Nang’s Son Tra Peninsula and just about 5km from the centre of the city, the Bai Rang Beach boasts its pristine beauty with blue-waters, yellow-sand beaches, and undulating rocks.

Several palm leaf huts are built on large stones in Bai Rang

It takes you only 10 minutes to drive on Hoang Sa Street to the Linh Ung Pagoda which is located on the Son Tra Peninsula. From the Pagoda, you will go straight 3km further to the Bai Rang Beach.

Amazing view ! Is’nt ?

Visitors can visit Bai Rang at any time of day to explore its beauty. In the early morning, you can go for a walk along the beach to feel the sand between your toes, take a deep breath to enjoy fresh air, and watch the sunrise.

When the sun goes up, you can see tiny fishing boats floating in the sea. When the sunset falls, the tide ebbs away, leaving behind very large stones. You can lie on a large stone to listen to the sound of crashing waves.

Fishing boat anchored in the Bay
Fishing boat and behind the Banana … powered by sea doo for a surprising splash people like to refresh

Meanwhile, building a campfire is a great idea in the evening. At that time, your friends or family members will gather around the flames, sharing stories, singing together, and trying delicious grilled dishes under starry night sky.

Apart from admiring the pristine beauty of Bai Rang, visitors will have the opportunity to go swimming, and participate in such water sports as jet skiing, boating, and diving to explore the coral reefs.

Nothing better than swimming alone in the sea…right MiKi Chef?

Visitors also have a wonderful chance to enjoy fresh seafood dishes at airy restaurants nearby, or buy seafood freshly caught and carried from fishing boats to the shore by local fishermen at reasonable prices.

We fell in love with a traveling saleswoman who concocted this delicious meal for us.

Ms Le Ngoc Ha from Quang Binh Province said “I and my friends rented a beach-front hut which is built on large stones at the price of 500,000 VND for a day, including an outdoor oven (BBQ) . We cooked by ourselves and took a rest in this shelter after a long time for outdoor activities.”

This is the Spot for Sun protection, drinking and eating

The Quang Binh native also affirmed that she would go to this beautiful beach again if she got the chance to come back Da Nang.

This is the first stop / Parking on your way … it’s worth to stop there as the service is so friendly and great !

Boasting pristine natural beauty, the Bai Rang Beach has become more popular with both locals and visitors who want to be immersed in nature and get far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

You can do a lot of sport activities : Banana splashing ride, Sea Doo, fishing, swimming, playing on the Beach … and bring your drone !

Simple and close ride from Da Nang … don’t be surprised to see pedestrian and cyclist climbing the mountain on the main road as it is the best ride to get well fit !

Must see in Vietnam by Minh for your eyes and your dreams !

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What a Beautiful Day ! ❤️ Da Nang from Bai Rang-Son tra Beach … This is one of my fond childhood memories.
… a day évasion from the city !

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