MSIV Report : Hue ~ Vietnam : Thanh Toan covered bridge

Must See In Vietnam Editor Dressed as per Vietnamese Tradition … behind Thanh Toan Covered Bridge ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

Thanh Toan bridge is one of the ancient architectural monuments containing rustic beauty, tinged with time, as well as unique artistic value in Vietnam nowadays. We tell you about our visit with the photos we took. Enjoy your visit ! Must See In Vietnam Editor

Here is our day before we left for Hue… getting up at 4 am to write Sunday’s article. Coffee, light lunch, shower… and departure at 7 am to Hue by a very economical mode of transport very popular with Vietnamese: 7-seater car whose driver tried (unsuccessfully) to fill up at 9 🤣. Good…for VND 300,000 (USD 12.90) for two passengers…a trip to Hue in 3 hours…similar to a car race…it’s not that bad!

So after a door-to-door service, arrival at the Home Stay Stop & Go located in a super quiet alley filled with hotels and Home Stay, check in at 10am … we recharge our batteries by eating a delicious Bun Ba @ Ba Tuyet 😋

Stop & Go HomeStay @ lane 42 Nguyễn Công Trứ, Phú Hội, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế ~ Photo by HomeStay
Very busy restaurant @ bà Tuyet ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam
Delicious Bun Ba ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

Return to the Homestay, take possession of a super cool room of remarkable cleanliness with balcony, sunbathing – meditation of Minh, then shower … and Hang around … in the Western Town.

Hanging around in Western Town ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

Back to HomeStay, your Editor puts on the traditional burly for a photo shoot @ Thanh Toan covered bridge

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue Location

Thanh Toan covered bridge is one of the famous Hue tourist attractions, located in Thuy Thanh commune, Huong Thuy District, Thua Thien Hue province. It is about 8km from Hue city center.

The bridge is crossed by a canal running from the beginning to the end of Thanh Toan village. The village was established at the end of the 16th century, most of the village’s patriarchs are Thanh Hoa people who followed Nguyen Hoang Lord here. Later, Mrs. Tran Thi Dao – a niece of the Tran family (about the 6th generation) donated money to the village to build this bridge. In 1990, the bridge was recognized as a national monument.

Thanh Toan covered bridge ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

How to get there?

To come to the Thanh Toan village or many other attractive destinations, you can “pocket” Hue’s tourist map. In fact, the ancient bridge is located in the suburb, about 6km southeast of the city center.

Starting from the center, you can follow the To Huu road, turn left at the intersection with Hoang Quoc Viet street. After that, you just need to go straight to the Thanh Toan market to get there.

If you would like to explore Thanh Toan Bridge in Hue by cycling to small village roads with local duck farms, rice fields, village temples, water buffalos, etc to admire the local daily life, you must book our Hue Cycling Tour or Hue City Tour by carvia Hoi An Private Taxi Travel.

Thanh Toan Bridge History

As a folk work of high artistic value, the Thanh Toan Bridge Hue Vietnam was built in 1776 by Mrs. Tran Thi Dao – the wife of a high-ranking mandarin during the reign of Le Hien Tong King. She donated money to the village to build a wooden bridge span the canal so that the villagers could pass by as well as the place where they can take a break.

Your Editor with Truc @ the main entrance of the bridge ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

In 1776, she was awarded a decree of praise for her virtue by Le Hien Tong King, and at the same time exempted the village from many kinds of taxes so that they could remember her merits and follow her good example.

In 1925, Khai Dinh Emperor also granted her the title “Duc Bao Trung Hung Linh” and ordered the people to build an altar right on the middle of the bridge to worship her.

Thanh Toan bridge Hue Vietnam Feature

Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge Hue Vietnam was built in the “upper house, under the bridge” architectural style. It is divided into compartments, each space like a small house in a big house. The bridge frame is made of wood, the roof is covered with glazed pipe tile roof. Unlike the tile bridges in the North using fish scale tiles, Thanh Toan Bridge uses the green royal tiles.

Your Editor with Truc @ the edge of the bridge ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

The space in the middle of the bridge is also the largest space to worship Mrs. Tran Thi Dao, the remaining 6 compartments have a symmetrical structure.

They all have two rows of wooden platforms and railings, divided into “walking lanes” in the middle and “resting lanes” on both sides, creating grace and harmony for the Thanh Toan bridge Hue.

Thanh Toan Bridge Hue Vietnam has original dimensions of 18.75m long and 5.82m wide. Through many restorations, the current dimension of the bridge is 16.85m long and 4.63m wide.

Your Editor with Truc @ Thanh Toan Bridge Hue Vietnam ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

Although there are many similarities in architecture, if the Japanese covered bridge (Hoi An) uses the mascots of the Dog and Monkey to decorate, the Thanh Toan Bridge Vietnam uses dragons and phoenixes to decorate the roofs. The gable is decorated with Phap Lam, the pattern is also the same theme “carps turning dragon”.

The Dragon ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

In the part of the “lower bridge” structure (abutment, bridge piers), Thanh Toan tile-roofed bridge has 6 ironwood piers, a circular cross-section with multi-span beams; stone abutment.

After nearly 250 years of existence, at the beginning of April 2020, the bridge was demolished by the local government to preserve and restore.

The project of preserving, restoring, and embellishing the Thanh Toan Bridge relic was approved by the People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue province with a total investment of more than 13 billion VND. The restoration and embellishment of the bridge are based on the principle of making the most of originals materials.

Your Editor posing for prosperity ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

What to do at Thanh Toan Village?

Traveling to Thanh Toan village, you can take pictures with the natural landscape or the architecture outside and inside of the Thanh Toan bridge Hue.

If you have time to travel to Hue during the Festival season, don’t forget the way back to Thanh Toan bridge Vietnam. Because on this occasion, the people of Thanh Thuy commune will hold a spiritual procession for Mrs. Tran Thi Dao who built the bridge.

~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

Plus, visiting Thanh Toan village, you also can visit the Thanh Toan early morning market to learn more about their culture, customs, rural daily life; learn how to bargain, how to choose fresh products, as well as interact with the locals.

Minh Posing also for Prosperity @ Thanh Toan Bridge ~ Photo by Must See In Vietnam

Attractions nearby Thanh Toan Bridge

Visiting Thanh Toan village, you should combine to visit other attractions to make sure you maximize the time of your Hue City Tour. Below are the recommended places nearby Thanh Toan Village.

You need a guide ? : Uncle Hello was so nice with us … He is native from Hue 😉 … contact him :

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An other great moment spent with Truc in Hue ❤️ ~ under a cotton tree
Here is en doing our tour of famous Thanh Toan Bride … Hope you have enjoyed !

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