The pleasure of having a beer (or a coffee) while watching passers-by in Hue : a Vietnamese tradition !

Sitting on a small plastic chair, drinking a beer, and looking around… is a national activity in Vietnam

What could be better than spending part of the end of the afternoon and the beginning of the evening doing voyeurism… It’s a good way to see what’s going on in an area popular with tourists. Read and see what we saw on our penultimate evening in the Western Town of Hue.

It is all the more pleasant when you can eat !

What is fun and intriguing is to find out who are the people sitting in the same place as us, to see them drinking a beer, smoking, watching passers-by… suddenly getting up and trying to negotiate with potential customers for a rickshaw ride- push!

Better luck next time !
It’s amazing to realize what you think about when you do voyeurism
Hey! Hey! here are 57 seconds what happened in front of us!

It’s fun to look around… now let others have us in their field of vision… naturally if we interest them… Here is what we saw while walking in the Wester Town of Hue.

Minh poses for prosperity
No comments
Hey ! This time it’s open ! Your Editor is so Happy ! Yesterday we came to late !
Chef’s counter…and notice the noodles are rolled up on a roll…watch how the Chef will cut them in the video below
Watch how the noodles are made… they are not their first customers!!!!!!
Bánh Canh with Homemade rice noodle soup
Looks so Delicious !
The moment of pleasure after after a long 5 km walk !
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