Must See In Vietnam Report : our best Banh Mi Street vendor in Da Nang

Look at this lovely Smile !

Street food vendors are part of the Vietnamese culture and landscape, as are motorbike delivery people of all kinds of products. Vietnam has “sidewalk culture” and “sidewalk business culture” inherited from a long time (since 1900). Therefore, street food is one of the beauty of Vietnamese culture, making them more exciting than in any other developed country. This morning we invite you to watch in photos and in one video how a friendly lady makes our Banh Mi in downtown Da Nang. Enjoy your week end … Must See In Vietnam Editor

The Stall is located facing the Green Hospital on 81 Hai Phong street in Đà Nẵng, opposite of the C (Green) Hospital.
She prepares a Banh Mi with passion and love in 90 seconds
For MiKi She is adding chili !
When we arrived she was preparing Banh Mi’s for a group of customers for lunch
Nicely, She lent herself to us without us telling her that we are from Must See In Vietnam… two of the most delicious Banh Mi in Da Nang for VND 20,000 ( USD 0.85 )… It’s finger licking!!! especially when brought to eat on the beach!
Watch the 3 minutes video !
Must See In Vietnam Editor and Reporter in Da Nang Branding & marketing your Business in Vietnam to the World

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MiKi Chef Vietnam Frozen Appetizers ( Cháo ốc, Dumplings, Pork )
Vietnam is a land of opportunities and investments, provided you know the local business practice there and become familiar with a constantly changing legal framework.
Must See In Vietnam STAR of the Day ! She makes our Day !

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