Must See In Vietnam : Exploring Da Nang Alleys on August’s 1st 2022 ~ Little Hanoi

If you feel like it … accompany us in pictures during our daily walk to explore the Little Hanoi of Da Nang!

Where are we ? Are we lost ? … Hey ! Hey! Impossible to get lost in Da Nang
Exploring this street …
MiKi Chef found this Busy street stall The young man beside Minh was so nice to provide him a seat !
The Stall Chef in Action …
Bún mắm nêmThe final Product
Need more chillies …
Ready to attack as MiKi Chef stomach is Empty !!!
Our Favorite beer … just cross the street of the food stall
Moment of grace !!!
Cheers ! 2 cold beers for VND 24,000 … This discovery make our day!
On our way back homeThis lady make the best Banh Mi Que ! Minh discovery fill Minh Belly !
Must See In Vietnam Editor and Reporter in Da Nang Branding & marketing your Business in Vietnam to the World

We are looking for stories of that type to tell our readers … email us your discoveries a in Vietnam

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