MiKi Chef Chạo Ốc Tasting Event in Da Nang on August 10th 2022

Must See In Vietnam was present at the MiKi Chef tasting event in Da Nang on August 10 in a room specially equipped for all types of events at Pho Viet Kieu. Several friends and business partners were present. Here is our report of this great evening and what we retained. Must See In Vietnam Editor

MiKi Chef in a speech : My MiKi Chef Chạo Ốc are rich in protein, and very healthy, 100% Organic, and homemade respecting family ancestral tradition!
The Wholesalers Da Nang New Team tasting MiKi Chef Chạo Ốc

MiKi Chef is a love story that began 2 years ago in the midst of a pandemic and continues today with the official start of MiKi Chef Vietnam as per MiKi Chef Announcement

MiKi Chef Chạo Ốc are frozen and enrobed in an aluminium foil. Can be serve grilled (BBQ) or in an oven and are ready to served after 15-18 minutes ( is a product appreciated by restaurateurs because it is easy to serve )
Easy like this …

MiKi Chef is the NickName of Nguyen, an eccentric young chemist. MiKi Chef got its start cooking and entertaining a growing audience daily in live streams on Facebook. MiKi Chef went on to help a restaurant owner in the same district to sell the famous Hue Bún bò soup. Faced with these improvised successes, MiKi Chef’s has created with her family this ‘Clean-Organic’ homemade product concocted for decades with an ancestral family recipe.

After analysis, market research, tests early 2022, MiKi Chef found the solution to produce on a large scale in an artisanal way a unique product that Vietnamese love while respecting the ancestral family tradition and this by creating employment.

MiKi Chef (right) with her friends from Huston (USA)
MiKi Chef Friends
They Love MiKi Chef Chạo Ốc
Thumb’s up !
A great event !
Chạo Ốc are delicious until the last bite !
MiKi Chef friends
snapped on the spot !
Same for Frank !
Family Partners … MiKi Chef gets an amazing super from her family members

MiKi Chef has announced that she will proceed at the end of August to a first capital raising (seed money) to acquire a building in the market of the Phu NHUAN district in Saigon in order to operate a kitchen, the center of distribution, a tasting area and a small restaurant. This capital raising will be around VND 9billion before proceeding to the next fundraising which will precede a first IPO in 2-3 years or before our profits will approach the bar of VND 20 billion.

MiKi Chef during her speech announcing Big Projects
MiKi Chef is explaining to Thien, MiKi Chef Wholesaler in Da Nang, her distribution strategy
MiKi Chef … between two amazing friends of Pho Viet Kieu
MiKi Chef & Du Y of Pho Viet Kieu … Du Y is a in Vietnamese Cuisine !
Branding & Marketing your Bussiness in Vietnam worldwide !

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A WORD FROM MiKi Chef Vietnam …

Thank you Must See In Vietnam for your blogs about MiKi Chef Vietnam

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