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Nothing is more pleasant than completing a journalistic mission in my hometown and region, for Must See In Vietnam, an authentic blog on World Press with no profit objective, by blogging about a restaurant owned by friends, who have survived the long pandemic, friends who put their heart and soul into preparing sublime dishes including, among other things… the best Beef Pho Soup in Vietnam… you read that right … The best in Vietnam! Stay with us reading this article … Must See In Vietnam Editor

As soon as you arrive, you want to have your picture taken with this magnificent decor of Pho Viet Kieu

This time we start at the end. What could be better than having a nice ‘CLEAN’ meal with your best friends at Pho Viet Kieu

Must See In Vietnam Volunteer Reporter Minh With our Good Friends Bob, Vy, Min and Thy photo taken by Thomas @ Pho Viet Kieu … It’s just goodbye Dinner … BTW The Kids Love the Spaghetti with Chicken and the special homemade French Fries
Du Y Is catching the attention of all of us by talking about her passion
Alexis is a great story teller … even in Vietnamese
On August 10th, MiKi Chef has organized an Event on the second floor ! MiKi said this event was memorable because of the support of Pho Viet Kieu Owners !
Previously,, Minh has Invited Daniel, his immigration Business Partner. Minh asked : Is the Beef Pho Good ? Daniel answer quickly : NO – IT IS EXCELLENT !
AC room in the inside or nice evening seatings facing main street. The picture was taken at 6:30 pm
Fusion French-Vietnamese restaurant using high quality ingredients at an affordable price. Come on down for a clean meal avg 100k.

65 Phan Tu Da Nang, Vietnam ~ Reservations : 032 945 6309
Email :
See the Menu on Facebook
Second floor Watch the Video
This room is perfect for any kind of event ! Watch the Video
WOW ! A Private Cinéma Room !

200K private cinema room for 1-4 max people. BOOK your time for the cinema room (Projector with 120inch white screen). CHOOSE your movie from our daily growing list of entertainment: Horror/Comedy/Action/Thriller/Stand-ups/Documentaries. RELAX in privacy inside your own air conditioned cinema room. ORDER some chicken nuggets and fries and drinks. Open from 9:30am to 8:30pm last showing and orders.

Finally, I would like to point out to you that if during your visit to Vietnam, you have not planned to stop at least one day in Da Nang and taste the famous Pho Beef Soup from Pho Viet Kieu … you cannot say that you have visited Vietnam … Cheers!
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Thomas (left) and Alexis (right) are Giants !
Minh (left) with his good friends Thomas ans Alexy

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