Don’t miss out on buying THESE 5 things in Vietnam as souvenirs …

With a rich culture, interesting history, beautiful landscapes and a wealth of inspiration, your trip to Vietnam will definitely leave you with lasting memories. Take some of your experience home with these popular and traditional gifts and souvenirs. These 5 articles will shed light on the best souvenirs available for purchase. Take out your wallets and get started! Must See In Vietnam Editor

Don't miss out on buying THESE 5 things in Vietnam

Souvenirs are the best way to reminisce about all the fun you had on your vacation.And when it comes to Vietnam, it just becomes all the more special as it’s easy to get hooked on its spectacular landscapes and serene beaches.So while you’re there, make sure you get these five Vietnamese items home to stay connected to the land of “Ascending Dragon.”

Conical hat

Nón Lá

Nón Lá is a conical hat that is the most recognizable symbol of Vietnam.Its existence dates back to 3,000 years, and locals wear it during festivals.Besides being rich in culture and history, this conical hat is also quite practical.Handwoven using palm leaves and bamboo, this durable and lightweight hat has been designed to protect one from rain and sunlight.

Smells like Vietnam

Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of robusta coffee.Locals usually sip on Cà phê đá (black coffee), cà phê sua đá (coffee with sweet milk), cà phê sữa chua (yogurt coffee), and cà phê trứng (egg coffee).Along with the beans, you should also buy a traditional metal drip filter “phin,” which is an integral part of the authentic Vietnamese coffee-making process.



Lacquerware in Vietnam dates back to the 1930s and is among the best mementos from the country.It takes pride in its impeccable lacquerware skills and the production of beautiful pieces that are not just limited to paintings, bowls, jewelry boxes, vases, and furniture.Since these products are strong and weather resistant, you can easily carry them back home.

Make it ‘lit’

Paper lanterns

Streets in Vietnam are decked up and illuminated with colorful paper lanterns as they are a symbol of happiness and good luck.These lanterns are flat, packable, and ready-to-go, so you can easily carry them home.Additionally, they feature handmade designs and patterns, giving them an authentic Vietnamese touch.You can embellish your garden or living room with these colorful paper lanterns at home.


Puppets and masks

Puppets and masks are traditionally used in Vietnamese theater shows, arts, and festivals.Made using bamboo and palm leaves, these adorable creations vary in design from village to village.Masks are made of lacquer, bamboo, and palm leaves and are a popular sight in the north.You can easily grab a few pieces from local shops in Vietnam as they are available everywhere.

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