#DaLat through the #lens of a #wanderer

Da Lat in the early morning mist. Photo: Bui Huy Tuong/ Facebook

#Photography is a journey… in a way. However, while travel generally has a specific end, this is not the case with photography. It’s an #endless #journey. There’s no time when you can put the camera down and say, “I’ve done it all, there’s nothing new to me anymore.” Photography is more like a long journey with many stops along the way. Everyone has a different path and different pace of developing their skills, talents, how to capture their emotions on film or in the cloud, but the goal is the same for everyone – it’s about constantly improve their skills. I think that’s what I think #BuiHuyTuong. … Bon voyage chers wanderers … #MustSeeInVietnam Editor

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Bui Huy Tuong, a freelance photographer working in Da Lat, wandered around the city capturing random moments of beauty.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

Tuong’s hometown is the central province of Quang Binh. He went to Da Lat to work as a freelance wedding photographer. In his free time, Tuong likes to wander around the city and capture random moments.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

At the end of September, Tuong completed an untitled photo set of Da Lat, containing moments of his daily life here. 

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

Every season in Da Lat has its own characteristics: in spring there are flowers everywhere, in summer there are rains that fall suddenly, before it starts getting a bit chilly in autumn and freezing cold in winter, but still beautiful and sunny.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

Drinking coffee on the sidewalk is a favored habit among Da Lat locals. Sidewalk coffee stalls can be found anywhere along the streets. Customers sit in plastic chairs and drink their coffee from a small glass, priced from VND15,000 to 30,000 ($0.63 to 1.26). Many coffee shops in Da Lat only open from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

“I really like the Hoa Binh area as I enjoy drinking coffee here in the morning and seeing how Da Lat locals start their day. They sit down, take a sip of that hot coffee, turn on the music and start chatting,” Tuong said of Da Lat’s downtown area.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

Visitors to Da Lat can enter small alleys along any street, up the steep slopes leading to houses with vintage architecture and colorful flowers.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

From September, Da Lat begins to enter the most beautiful time of year. It’s cold and foggy in the morning but after 10 a.m., sunny.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

Da Lat is also surrounded by countless pine forests that resemble the romance of Europe.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

This is also the time when the persimmon trees begin to bear fruit. A few locations with beautiful persimmon trees in Da Lat that Tuong recommends are Tom’s Rose Garden Cafe and Moc Tra Farm Coffee.

Da Lat through the lens of a wanderer

Tuong also suggests that visitors get up early to jog around Xuan Huong Lake or simply sit there and watch people jogging, then drink coffee or a cup of hot soymilk. “You will see a very different Da Lat,” Tuong said.

By Thanh Thuy, Huy Tuong for E.VnExpress.net

Da Lat at night. Photo: Bui Huy Tuong/ Facebook
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