#Vietnam #Architecture : Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

I am looking for my words to start this article…. Being from Da Nang, architectural design jewels are found here and there where you would not expect to find them, urban plans being rare or non-existent. So this morning we present to you one of these pearls hoping that you will appreciate the description. #MustSeeIn Vietnam Editor

This Da Nang house is a prime example of the efficient use of natural energy and technology.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

The architect wanted to make this house stand out compared to other townhouses in the neighborhood, at the same time incorporating the owner’s love for camping, nature and DIY, taking inspiration from a spaceship.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

Because the house faces the west and absorbs heat from noon to late afternoon, combined with the urban heat island effect, the design team proposed three solutions to limit heat radiation.

First was the natural solution, placing plants and greens on the walls and roof. The second solution was using technology, using XPS heat-resistant panels to cover the outside of the walls that face the sun directly to prevent heat absorption. The third solution was to set many windows and doors on the east and south side of the house to allow more wind access.

All three solutions aim to limit adverse weather effects and reduce energy consumption.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

The owner is a nature lover so the house is surrounded by courtyards containing many green trees, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The surrounding green space offers a layer that protects the house from the hot air flow in the summer. It also acts as a dust and noise filter.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

The main living space of the family is the kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, which are connected with direct access to the garden outside through sliding glass doors.

With a grand design and the frequent use of glass, the ground floor can welcome more light and wind. This design also helps the house save energy since it’s not always necessary to turn on the lights and air conditioner because it’s cool and bright enough here during the day.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

Right above the dining room is a skylight made of Solar Control glass panels. This type of glass can control solar power and is coated with five ultra-thin metal layers to reduce the amount of heat absorbed from the outside.

The use of this glass not only brings more natural light into the house but also ensures heat reduction by eliminating 99% of UV rays.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

The Solar Control glass panels also come with an automatic curtain system so that the owner can control the light entering the house. At night, this area is the perfect place for stargazing.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

A tea table with a simple design is set up at the foot of the stairs. The interior of the house uses neutral colors like black, white and gray, which are simple but still luxurious.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

On the second floor are two bedrooms, one room for the couple and one for their son. Both rooms have balconies facing the south to allow more wind access.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

The bathroom is located next to the bedroom, using glass panels to allow in more light. The glass walls also create the feeling that the bedroom and bathroom are larger, more airy and open.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

The area for working and sewing.

Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

On the rooftop, the architect also set up a small garden. It can also act as a camping space for the family when they cannot travel far.è

By Trang Vỹ for E.VnExpress.net

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