#Vietnam #Architecture : Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

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The shape of a water dragonfly inspired the design of the 2,000-square-meter Libellule Villa in central Da Nang City. 

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

Libellule Villa, translated into “Dragonfly Villa” in French, is situated in Da Nang’s Cam Le District.

The villa sits on a 2,000 plot of land with a 270-degree panoramic view of Toa River and part of Da Nang and ancient Hoi An Town.

The luxurious amenities included in this house include an infinity pool, a 350-square-foot Koi fish pond, a fitness center, a 4D theater and more.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The building’s solid and hollow blocks are interwoven to create a natural ventilation system. Despite its large size with six bedrooms and many functional areas, the building still maintains a sophisticated look.

The central concept of the project is a series of thin concrete discs, some big and others small, creating the illusion of the building floating on water.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The owner is an avid outdoorsman and Koi fish enthusiast, so the design team allocated the majority of the property to a large aquarium. A little distance away is the infinity pool. The pool is designed so that the owner may observe the Koi fish as though swimming beside them.

The architect used the water’s surface, vegetation, ventilation and shading design, in addition to location and orientation of the sun, to create a pleasant microclimate, thus decreasing the need for air conditioning. There is also a solar panel system on top of the building, which reduces monthly electricity use by 30%.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The grounds of the villa were inspired by French painter Monet’s famous Japanese gardens and water lilies artwork. The trees and vegetation help retain the harmony between building and landscape.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The 7.5-meter roof is made from reinforced concrete combined with steel fibers.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

This one-of-a-kind swing seat is suspended from the ceiling by a fishing line that can bear up to 300 kilograms.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The primary entrance to the villa faces East. Lawns and gardens serve as a welcome mat at the entryway. From the foyer, residents can access the main living area, the kitchen and stairwell.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The interior is primarily white and black, which creates a striking contrast, draws attention, and exudes a luxurious feel.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

One interesting feature is a spiral staircase that runs horizontally across the ground floor without any column support.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The house’s party table is shaped like a boat ready to set sail.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The basement houses various amusement areas, like karaoke and wine tasting rooms. The design team also used a special tempered glass design to set up a recreational area where the homeowner can see his Koi fish swimming.

From this vantage point, the environment resembles a submarine.

Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

The house was completed in 2021. Construction costs were not disclosed by the owners.

Written by Trang Vỹ for E.VnExpress. Photos by Tin Martin

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