#Vietnam #Architecture : Home stands out with grass roof

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A house in central Phan Thiet Town with a sloping roof covered with grass, trees and flowers resembles a hill stretching out to the river in front. 

The house built on a plot of land measuring 15 x 20 meters in the coastal town stands out from the surrounding townhouses with its lush green roof.

Home stands out with grass roof

Since the owners are nature lovers, they have filled their home with plants from top to bottom. A layer of green vegetation, ranging from shade trees to bushes, extends from the facade through the high gate layer and blends with the stone walls. 

As they grow, they encase the house in a green shield that keeps out dust. 

Tarlmounia is strung from the ceiling like a curtain to protect the rooms from the sun and provide natural ventilation.

Home stands out with grass roof

On the ground floor, a wide glass door system and curtains work together to let in the right amount of air while keeping direct sunlight out. 

The garden area on the ground level acts as a buffer, preventing outside noise and dust from entering the home. The owners may relax and feel more at one with nature thanks to the abundance of trees across the property.

Home stands out with grass roof

The kitchen and dining area is located just off the main living area. After the owners took down the walls separating those two areas, there is now more light and space. 

All of the ground-floor rooms have unobstructed views of the pool, which is 3.3 meters deep and 12 meters wide, thanks to the use of glass walls. The pool serves as a pleasant retreat for the family.

Home stands out with grass roof

The architect’s goal in making the room’s interior simple and monochromatic was to make good use of natural light to create beautiful effects.

Home stands out with grass roof

Similarly to how the front room of a house can benefit from a transparent glass system, the interior of a house can benefit from a skylight. 

Self-convection air gets wind from the outside of the house and, using the idea of pressure difference, escapes through the well-designed skylight. This keeps the house at a comfortable temperature. 

The architect also replaced the wall next to the skylight with perforated bricks, which let more light and air into the room.

Home stands out with grass roof

The simple second-floor common space features a long workstation and view of vegetation, which brings fresh air and helps relieve stress among residents.

Home stands out with grass roof

The bedroom area brings the owners even closer to nature with its large veranda and surrounding garden.

Home stands out with grass roof

On the balcony, the Tarlmounia curtain blocks the sun while allowing a better view of the scenery beyond. This space becomes a haven of peace for residents to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice.

Home stands out with grass roof

Trees and plants are planted atop the structure. The greening of the roof provides visual coherence for the landscape, creating a flow that unites the home with its natural setting. 

Grass, flowers, and trees cover the entire rooftop, giving the impression that the house is carpeted in green. This one-of-a-kind ceiling may be used to keep the hot air out during the summer.

Home stands out with grass roof

The architect has mentioned that the structural engineer had calculated the volume of each tub and the exact amount of dirt in each tank, in advance so as to not affect the roof and the frame of the building. This ensures the green roof won’t collapse under its own weight.

Home stands out with grass roof

It took six months to build the house and cost VND6 billion (over $241,200).

Written by Trang Vỹ for E.VnExpress.net

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