Vietnam Architecture : Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

Who has not flown a kite during his childhood or his adult life. Well here is a unique project that its owner has done. #MustSeeInVietnam Editor

The home, situated in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 9 with a frontage overlooking Dong Nai River, was inspired by the owners’ childhood fantasy of taking flight.

The house measures 100 square meters and sits on a plot of land measuring 1,400. The owner’s second residence serves as a relaxing retreat for the family after a busy week and refuge for the elderly who appreciate being in the midst of nature.

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The building’s modern aesthetic is evident in its sharply angled corners and in the way its roof and walls are folded like origami. 

Through the use of strategic oblique cuts, the kite-shaped roof makes the homeseem like a kite flying high against the blue-sky backdrop and surfing the clouds.

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The architect said the circular area on the roof is like a “small sun” that helps illuminate the area below at different times of the day. 

The steeply sloping roof is not held up by any columns and is covered with fake coconut leaves. In addition to lasting longer than real leaves, it reduces the need for costly replacements over time.

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The bedroom, kitchen, dining room and living area are inter-connected on theground floor. Two floating, self-contained buildings, modeled after pictures of stilt houses on rivers, may be seen above. The open-space layout of the house makes it easy for family members to constantly check in with one another.

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

Like a large painting, the house encompasses the surrounding environment, facilitating the occupants’ ability to live in harmony with nature.

In keeping with the resort’s emphasis on connectivity between people and the outdoors, the ground-floor living quarters include no walls that physically separate the inhabitants from the rest of the building. This layout greatly expands the feeling of space by permitting light to travel freely between rooms.

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The decor is suggestive of a boat on the river, with its raw wood, sedge, rattan, and bamboo.

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The warm tones of the wood used in the interior design help to make the space feel inviting. 

The wooden brown hue is evocative of earth and trees, making it an ideal complement to a contemporary aesthetic that emphasizes the outdoors. 

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The architect utilized bamboo walls in the outdoor bathrooms because they are stronger and more durable than those made of conventional timbers, even when subjected to rain, snow, and other harsh conditions. 

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The garden and Dong Nai River may be seen from the corridor on the second floor.

A large garden that can be used for a variety of purposes by homeowners, including growing fruits, raising fish and other aquatic animals and engaging in other outdoor activities. 

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The 100-square-meter infinity pool gives the impression that it goes on forever. 

Kite-shaped roof adds charm to HCMC house

The whole building was completed after nine months, with a construction cost of VND3 billion (over $121,000).

Written By Trang Vy & Photos by Chau Bui for

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