Aratana Dalat – A true home away from home

It looks so cool spending your weekend on a true home away from home—the Aratana Dalat…Must See In Vietnam Editor

If you haven’t owned a big villa for yourself amidst the most desired city in Vietnam to shelter when things get hard, that’s okay. You’re just like us. We recommend spending your weekend on a true home away from home — the Aratana Dalat.

[Review] Aratana Dalat - A true home away from home
Photo by Aratana

Perhaps you haven’t owned a house for yourself amidst the most desired city in Vietnam—to shelter when things get complicated. That’s okay. You’re not lonely. We recommend spending your weekend on a true home away from home—the Aratana Dalat.

A tranquil break for drained ‘hustlers.’

Located in a new residential neighborhood, just 1.5 km from Dalat market, Aratana is a wise choice for youngster who is eager to take a break from their busy lives while avoiding the crowd. Founded by young enthusiasts, Aratana knows what youngsters struggle with and opt for in their getaway shelter.

Cozy and stylish corners in the villa. Photo by Aratana.

An eco-friendly stay

Photo by Aratana

If you’re a conscious traveler, this place won’t stop fabulous you. Two glass bottles are awaited when you open the door, with a sweet note from the founders. You can refill anyhow, anytime you need, in the shared kitchen. 

This is a massive plus for us. I can never forget witnessing my mom bargaining about the two go-missing Lavie bottles with the receptionists just because we forgot to check the refrigerator in advance. That was a terrific minus for hotel and resort chains, in my opinion.

Room amenities are guaranteed with the quality of 5-star hotels, and they kept the promise. The house is always clean, tidy, and embraced with chill music and freshly fragrant. Bathroom amenities are local products with 100% natural ingredients — from shampoo to hair and body conditioner. No single used plastic is equipped, meaning must carry your essentials, like a toothbrush and comb. The staff will ensure you’re aware of that before the trip.

Do business off the beaten path.

High-quality service for us is the tiny, genuine care you pour into your products. Breakfast is usually the least expected experience for me while choosing accommodation. But Aratana changed my point of view. I was half doubtful and   genuinely impressed when I read their offer about complimentary “Dalat specialty breakfast.” They chose not to do business in the default setting. They did not fail me.

Photo by Aratana

Wake up to a hot steamy, ready-to-serve bowl of Dalat’s signature crab soup to start your day while enjoying the best view from your villas is the best feeling. The menu changes daily, so if you plan to stay longer, you won’t miss out on the specialties of the city of flowers. 

The shared kitchen is fully equipped with snacks you want to grab, like dried fruit snacks, cookies, and chocolate. If the rain suddenly screws your plan, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, roll in the bedsheet and just enjoy the best valley view from your balcony.

Other great things  about Aratana

📸  Art, Instagrammable spots 

At Aratana, any spot can quickly turn into an Instagram corner. You know how much care they put into interior and decorating the house.

👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏼 Nice and friendly staff

They all have good taste in fashion and music. The home is always well-taken with subtle fragrances and chill music.

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