Foreigners delight in Hoi An

Especially during Tet, visiting Hoi an is a thrilling experience! #MustSeeInVietnam Editor

Tourists in the ancient town of Hoi An have soaked in the New Year atmosphere this Tet by riding bikes through traditional neighborhoods, taking river boat rides and visiting local villages.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

Statistics from the Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism show that the province received around 58,000 international tourists during the Tetholiday this year.

Lunar New Year (Tet) is the most important holiday of the year in Vietnam. This Tet lasted from January 20-26.

Popular tourism sites like Hoi An Ancient Town, Tra Que Village and the Bay Mau coconut forest all attracted pre-Covid levels of visitors.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

While enjoying a beer on Tran Phu Street recently, Michael (right), from Germany, said this was his third trip to Hoi An. 

But he said this was also the first time that he traveled to Vietnam during Tet, when the streets are brightly decorated and more populated than usual.

“I like Hoi An because the town still retains its ancient beauty, despite booming tourism. I chose Vietnam for this vacation due to the land’s history and culture. I’ve visited Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta before. This is my second stop in Vietnam, before I continue my journey to Thailand,” he said.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

On her last day in Hoi An on Wednesday, Scarlet, from the U.K., walked around to visit artisan shops, looking to buy souvenirs.

Scarlet said she chose Vietnam for its scenery and culture. She said she felt lucky to be able to experience Tet in Vietnam. She visited Ninh Binh before arriving in Hoi An.

“It was buzzing; I liked how people would reunite and meet each other during the first moments of the new year,” she said, adding that her most enjoyable moment in Hoi An was a boat ride on the Hoai River.

“At night, everything just seems more majestic,” she said.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

Jeago, from Argentina, enjoys a dish of cao lau, a local pork noodle dish in Hoi An. As he wanted to learn more about Asia, Jeago and his partner chose to visit Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia this year.

Despite being unfamiliar with chopsticks, Jeago said he loved Vietnamese cuisine.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

A group of tourists from the U.K. enjoys the beauty of the ancient town of Hoi An with a walk.

Jell Algina Truly said the two most impressive things about Hoi An were the people and the food.

“Vietnamese people in general and Hoi An people in particular are friendly and hospitable. Vietnamese dishes are also delicious, especially the noodles,” she said.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

A woman rides a bike on the streets of Hoi An.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

About 3 km away from downtown Hoi An is the Tra Que vegetable village, another popular tourist destination.

Solwen, from the U.K., chooses to bike around the area to enjoy the peace and fresh air of life in the village, which is 300 years old.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

A man takes pictures and videos of the Vietnamese countryside.

Roads leading from downtown Hoi An to neighboring areas are dotted with rice paddy fields.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

“It’s amazing, we arrived just as Vietnam celebrated Tet. It’s exciting everywhere. Families are reunited,” said Jeff from the U.S., before saying “Chuc mung nam moi!” (Happy new year!).

Jeff and his fellow tourists rented motorbikes to travel between destinations.

Foreigners delight in Hoi An's Tet experiences

Throughout Tet, the weather in Hoi An was mostly cold and rainy, so the An Bang beach did not have many visitors.

Tourists, mostly from abroad, came to An Bang to get away from the busy streets and relax amid the sand dunes.

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