The YEAR of the CAT in Vietnam : Giant cat statues take center stage on Nguyen Hue Flower Street

While the world will celebrate January 22 as the Year of the Rabbit, Vietnam will make it different by celebrating The Year of the Cat! Read the article and the beauty of the city center of Saigon all in flowers and Cats …. #MustSeeInVietnam Editor Two days before opening, the Nguyen Hue Flower Street, aContinue reading “The YEAR of the CAT in Vietnam : Giant cat statues take center stage on Nguyen Hue Flower Street”

Flavours of Vietnam were well CURRY-ed!

My attention this morning stopped on this article from and the two chefs who prepared read specialties during a recent trip… I won’t tell you more if you like spicy, I recommend you read… #MustSeeInVietnam Editor Chef Quoc and Chef Ho Tin have mindfully crafted the menu for this festival, keeping the cuisine’s philosophyContinue reading “Flavours of Vietnam were well CURRY-ed!”

Vietnam Travel Guide : Bac Ninh

For the two thousand years in existence, Bac Ninh is vivid in Vietnamese mind as a land of the talents: there were times that the province contributed as much as 25% of people with doctorate degree in Vietnam. The talent is not only shown academically but also artistically. Bac Ninh is where, without doubt, concentratesContinue reading “Vietnam Travel Guide : Bac Ninh”

6 foods worth trying while staying in Vung Tau

Seeing is simply seeing without knowing about what is being seen. To have fun while eating, the perception of the five senses (taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing) is very important. #MustSeeInVietnam Editor Travelers coming to the southern coastal town Vung Tau can enjoy many local specialties, such as fried mini pancakes, salted egg spongeContinue reading “6 foods worth trying while staying in Vung Tau”

Hai Phong Eatery’s Success Story – A Must See in Vietnam

I am very happy to present to you this morning this little Eatery in Hải Phong which has been serving more than 500 of this delicious meal for 30 years. #MustSeeInVietnam Editor Nguyen Thi Chuyen has sold banh duc Tau, a type of steamed rice cake, in Hai Phong’s Le Chan District since 1989. MoreContinue reading “Hai Phong Eatery’s Success Story – A Must See in Vietnam”

4 Private Kitchens in Hanoi

Private Kitchen is a popular trend in Hong Kong, among others, and it’s a great way to discover local cuisine in a private atmosphere, in a small group. Check out these four restaurants in Hanoi … You will simply Love it ! #MustSeeInVietnam Editor These inviting eateries offer dishes that taste just like a traditionalContinue reading “4 Private Kitchens in Hanoi”

Coca-Cola Vietnam set record the world’s largest Vietnamese Tet meal table.

I take my hat off to Coca Cola Vietnam, which is socially involved in helping the poorest and promoting Vietnam around the world! #MustSeeInVietnam Editor Coca-Cola Vietnam set a world record for the largest Vietnamese Tet meal table with the participation of 1,000 multi-generation families in Ho Chi Minh City on January 8. The mealContinue reading “Coca-Cola Vietnam set record the world’s largest Vietnamese Tet meal table.”

Tet Holiday – Vietnam Traditional Lunar New Year

The Cat is the fourth of all zodiac animals. Legend has it the Cat was proud—arrogant even—of its speed. He was neighbors with Ox and always made fun of how slow Ox was. The New Year celebrations have already begun…the Vietnamese love the occasions to feast. End-of-year parties (offices, associations, etc…) the Lunar New YearContinue reading “Tet Holiday – Vietnam Traditional Lunar New Year”

Vietnam Architecture – House dons silk ribbon-inspired skylight

Since 1970, several more traditional appearing buildings have been constructed, but the modern movement, as well as the technology of this and earlier movements have become more powerful. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are home to many modern buildings, constructed from concrete, glass and other modern materials. Here is a very inspiring and luxuriousContinue reading “Vietnam Architecture – House dons silk ribbon-inspired skylight”

A list of Must Try dishes in Hai Phong

For each region there are specialties with their own recipe. This is also the case of Hai Phong, a port city located about one hundred kilometers from Hanoi. Yet the street food in Hai Phong is far from identical to that of Hanoi, Saigon or other areas. Together, let’s discover what makes it so specialContinue reading “A list of Must Try dishes in Hai Phong”