#Vietnam #Architecture : Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly

Once a week, I show you around one of these beautiful and unique properties in my country. Imagine for a moment that this is your house. Sweet dreams ! #MustSeeInVietnam Editor The shape of a water dragonfly inspired the design of the 2,000-square-meter Libellule Villa in central Da Nang City.  Libellule Villa, translated into “DragonflyContinue reading “#Vietnam #Architecture : Coastal villa shaped like dragonfly”

Vietnam Offroad Cup

The Vietnam Off-Road PVOIL Cup 2022 (PVOIL VOC 2022) returns to the capital next month, promising to be the largest event of its type in Vietnamese history. This event is perfect for challengers who like mud and noise. #MustSeeInVietnam Editor Uphill battle: Racers challenge gravity in offroad tournament. Vietnam Offroad Cup 2022, beginning Saturday, introducesContinue reading “Vietnam Offroad Cup”

Must See In Vietnam : Buckwheat flower festival in Ha Giang Vietnam

This morning I simply invite you to read this very nice article written by a very talented young journalist to propose one of the festivals which is not to be missed during your visit to Vietnam in early fall. Please Like and share this article, you are helping to give visibility to young journalists andContinue reading “Must See In Vietnam : Buckwheat flower festival in Ha Giang Vietnam”

Must See In Vietnam Community

Good Friday from Vietnam. We need advises from our readers on how to build a Community as Must See In Vietnam is looking for stories to publish from the Vietnam Expat Community or from Vietnam World Lovers. We need also advise on how to Welcome advertisers do donation as Must See In Vietnam is aContinue reading “Must See In Vietnam Community”

Bamboo shack becomes northern highland classroom

Many children live in remote rural areas in Vietnam. Read how teachers in these towns have done to facilitate their access to education in better conditions. #MustSeeInVietnam Editor Teachers in a remote commune of Dien Bien Province have built a classroom out of bamboo trees so students could have a place to study.  Huoi LechContinue reading “Bamboo shack becomes northern highland classroom”

#Vietnam #Architecture : Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner

I am looking for my words to start this article…. Being from Da Nang, architectural design jewels are found here and there where you would not expect to find them, urban plans being rare or non-existent. So this morning we present to you one of these pearls hoping that you will appreciate the description. #MustSeeInContinue reading “#Vietnam #Architecture : Da Nang house embraces nature in every corner”

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

The trees gently put on their golden mantle, the wind cools and the milk flowers begin to give off their intoxicating fragrance. No doubt, fall is here. It is also the season for côm, a gastronomic specialty of the capital. #MustSeeInVietnam Editor As summer fades away, Hanoi enters autumn, the best season of the yearContinue reading “Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi”

Central Vietnam magnificence is Golden Time in Late October

You will be amazed to see these photos and I am sure you will dare to plan your next trip to Vietnam. If you need advice join our community. Good week start ! Rice harvest season in the Pu Luong Nature Reserve lasts longer than in other regions, giving visitors a 11th hour chance toContinue reading “Central Vietnam magnificence is Golden Time in Late October”

Halloween : 6 spooky places to visit in Vietnam

Regardless of where we come from, we all probably have at least one day in our lives celebrating Halloween, either by dressing up or watching a scary movie. Vietnam seems to offer at least six spooky places to visit. Let’s visit the sets…Happy Halloween! #Must SeeInVietnam Editor Dutch online travel firm Booking.com has compiled aContinue reading “Halloween : 6 spooky places to visit in Vietnam”

Tourism readers choice : 6 most luxurious resorts in Vietnam

Whether for business or simply to get away from it all, the choice of a good hotel will allow you to enhance your stay in Vietnam. This morning we present six luxury hotels popular with Tourism Readers. Bon weekend ! #MustSeeInVietnam Director Two resorts in Nha Trang, one each in Phu Quoc, Vung Tau, HanoiContinue reading “Tourism readers choice : 6 most luxurious resorts in Vietnam”