All you need to know about Vietnamese Tet food (Central)

A Hard Life Begets a Taste for Strong Flavors The natural condition of the land shapes its people and the region’s nutritional choices. To economize, they complete their meal with ample amounts of white rice. Also, because most central families work in fisheries, they have to preserve seafood with processes that give it extra flavor.Continue reading “All you need to know about Vietnamese Tet food (Central)”

2021 has ended well for us …

The year 2021 has ended well for us, Editor and Reporter of Must See in Vietnam. Firstly thanks to the encouragement of our regular readers from several countries of the world (England, United States, India, Ireland, Italy, Taiwan, Canada and of course of Vietnam) whose number continues to increase… MILLION THANKS! Secondly, BILLION THANKS toContinue reading “2021 has ended well for us …”

Best 10 Chinese Restaurants In Saigon

The Chinese community was present in Saigon a long time ago and has had a significant influence on the culture of this land, especially in terms of food. You should not miss this exciting culinary experience if you have been to Saigon. Here is a list of the 10 best restaurants in Saigon that serve Chinese foodContinue reading “Best 10 Chinese Restaurants In Saigon”

10 best Korean restaurants in Saigon

Korean is one of the biggest expat communities in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and is still growing ever larger. As a matter of fact, Korean restaurants are established widely to satisfy the culinary needs of both Korean originals and Saigonese patrons holding big appetizers for Korean food. As such, Korean restaurants in Saigon has grown tremendouslyContinue reading “10 best Korean restaurants in Saigon”

Top 8 places to shop organic food in Saigon

Looking to kick off your healthy eating routine for the upcoming new year? Here are the top 8 organic shops in Saigon you should check out. ORGANIK DALAT Organik Dalat is the top store to buy fresh organic foods from Da Lat. Photo by: Organik Dalat.  Owning the complete process from farm to shop, youContinue reading “Top 8 places to shop organic food in Saigon”

In the search for the best Thai Restaurants In Saigon

Saigon is famous for its cultural diversity. You can find almost every cuisine of different countries here. Since Thailand and Vietnam are in the same region, Thai food is also loved by many Vietnamese people. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Saigon when it comes to Thai cuisine. Ăn Cơm Uống Nước – KinContinue reading “In the search for the best Thai Restaurants In Saigon”

Best places to have specialty coffee in Saigon

For coffee lovers, Ho Chi Minh City is paradise! And for those who are dying to enjoy specialty coffee in Saigon, this article will provide you with the needed information! Every Half Coffee Roasters Outdoor space at Every Half. Photo by Every Half The name, idea, and concept of this cafe were brought to lifeContinue reading “Best places to have specialty coffee in Saigon”

A selective guide to locating top 10 restaurants in District 2, Saigon

District 2, specifically Thảo Điền area is an expat heavy neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh City. Speaking of the diverse culinary demands, restaurants in this district have been developing rapidly and variously both in authenticity and fusion culinary. You can find any food culture in the area, from Asian to Western, from fast food toContinue reading “A selective guide to locating top 10 restaurants in District 2, Saigon”

Places in VIETNAMVietnamese photographers spotlight nation with unforgettable shots

2021 has seen Vietnamese photographers make their mark in the world by winning top honors at prestigious international contests with scintillating shots taken in all parts of the country.  In January, lensman Le Viet Khanh claimed third prize in the architecture category in the Black & White photo competition of the annual International Monochrome PhotographyContinue reading “Places in VIETNAMVietnamese photographers spotlight nation with unforgettable shots”

A Beautiful Story …

Once upon a time … in a small town in central Vietnam, a beautiful seaside town known for its culture and fine culinary traditions, a very, very small Twin Buffalo was born at 5:30 am sharp. Her parents nicknamed her WIN-WIN. Win-Win was fostered by her Grandmother and her Aunt, both passionate about cooking andContinue reading “A Beautiful Story …”