Cultural / Vietnam Relics Exhibition in Hanoi

If you are passionate by #Culture and #History of #Vietnam, don’t miss the chance to see a total 29 signature relics from various time periods of Vietnam History, where 1,000-year-old imperial treasures of Vietnam are unveiled. Must See In Vietnam Editor Starting Thursday, the Center for the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Thang Long-Hanoi,Continue reading “Cultural / Vietnam Relics Exhibition in Hanoi”


Good Day ! , At Ho Thi Ky Street in HCM City’s District 10, known as a paradise for street food, with over 100 stalls, visitors can find famous dishes…yes just near the biggest Saigon Flowers Market! Enjoy your day and share your experience on this blog and on Must See In Vietnam Community —>Continue reading “Must See In HCMC : A STREET FOOD HUB !”

A night food tour of Hue’s largest market

Let me tell you this funny story that makes me believe that nothing in the world can pull me out of my roots even when I meet the American friends of a good friend of Minh (Michel)! You guessed it, we talked about the City where I was born, Mon Hue! In addition, a VietnameseContinue reading “A night food tour of Hue’s largest market”

Vietnam Wonders : The beauty of harvest season near Sapa

Vietnam’s cities may be full of history, one-of-a-kind architecture, and savory food worth traveling for, but the magic doesn’t stop there. Just a short ride outside of your favorite Vietnamese city is a breathtaking natural wonder waiting to be explored. So power up with a bowl of pho and get adventuring! Must See In VietnamContinue reading “Vietnam Wonders : The beauty of harvest season near Sapa”

Travel & Must See in Vietnam : Ha Giang

I love to travel, and that’s because I love discovering… the wonders of Vietnam, the people and their cuisines. I am writing this article this morning as Editor of Must See In Vietnam and MiKi Chef, a chemist who has traveled through Vietnam and who is concocting my own meals for you today… MiKi ChefContinue reading “Travel & Must See in Vietnam : Ha Giang”

World Travel Awards: 10 Vietnam hotels ⭐️

There are so many beautiful things to discover in Vietnam that we forget those who highlight these wonders. I am of course talking about all the builders who host you, whether you are local or foreign. These ten hotels stand out … and deserve to be known! Don’t forget the others! Write to us, weContinue reading “World Travel Awards: 10 Vietnam hotels ⭐️”

TRAVEL GUIDE : Must SEE In Vietnam : Ly Son

For first-timer visitors of Vietnam or even for local residents, Ly Son island, the “Kingdom of garlic and volcanoes”, sound completely off the radar. In recent years, this area has become one of the favorite weekend jaunt for younger Vietnamese who satisfy their wanderlust with the beauty of unspoiled wilderness, untouched coastline and the charmContinue reading “TRAVEL GUIDE : Must SEE In Vietnam : Ly Son”

Vietnam Architecture : Southern home stands out with arched shape ceiling in a bucolic environnement

Once a week, Must See In Vietnam shows you some of the most inspiring residential architecture, interior design, landscaping, urbanism from creative Vietnamese Architects. Enjoy your reading … Must See In Vietnam Editor Instead of the typical tile roof, a house in southern Ben Tre Province features four different rooms under four concrete barrel vaultContinue reading “Vietnam Architecture : Southern home stands out with arched shape ceiling in a bucolic environnement”

Nightlife in Bui Vien, Ta Hien backpacker streets back in full swing

Bui Vien and Ta Hien Walking Street, a nightlife tourist attraction in Saigon, is an ideal venue for Western guests and young Saigonese to come to eat and hang out every time they go down the street. Ty’s great to see tourists back … and These streets are a Must See in Vietnam … YourContinue reading “Nightlife in Bui Vien, Ta Hien backpacker streets back in full swing”