What to Eat & Drink in Vietnam : Snails & Beers ! This is Top #3 choice of MiKi Chef Vietnam

Ốc hương is a traditional Vietnamese snail dish. The key ingredients in this dish are large and sweet Babylonia snails with white and brown spotted shells. They’re usually stir-fried in a large wok with a sweet and sticky sauce. When served, the snails are pulled out of their shells with a small two-pronged fork, then dipped into a combination of salt, pepper, lime juice, and chili sauce.

This is a famous dishes to gather with friends and drink … only in Vietnam

There’s usually a good reason why a dish that may seem repulsive to westerners, is beloved by Vietnamese, and (except in the cases where the food’s popularity is based on its supposed virility-inducing qualities or medical benefits) the reason is simply that it’s delicious … with beers and good friends !

This is simple to prepared and to cooked

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