Must Eat in Da Nang / @ XOI GA – 395 HAI PHONG STREET

Your Editor with Sa ❤️

‘Seeing is simply seeing without knowing about what is being seen. Follow us to know more about Vietnamese dishes, culture and more’ … Today we are introducing you a street food business of Da Nang in fact we present to you a valiant lady who concocts her meals with Love and Passion rain or shine, seven days a week, from 6 am to 10 am and has been for nearly 50 years. Must See In Vietnam Editor

Take a good look at those eyes and that heart-shaped smile… This is enough to make the day our our Editor and Reporter

As pictures are worth a thousand words, enjoy eating these meals with your eyes.

This is Minh favorite dishes … Chicken Sticky Rice

Xôi nếp cái hoa vàng và Gà ta

Sa recipe of Vietnamese Chicken and sticky rice + her special gravy is unique … and ready to take away 😍
Sa working area
Family gathering
Her stall is located @ XOI GA – 395 HAI PHONG STREET, near the Train station
Eat Clean – Eat Well for less than USD 1.00 !!! ❤️
You Cannot Miss it ! Tell Sa, MiKi Chef recommend your Sticky Rice !
Must See In Vietnam Editor and Reporter in Da Nang Branding & marketing your Business in Vietnam to the World

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Eat Clean ~ Eat Well ~ Live Healthy with MiKi Chef Vietnam Cheers ! 🍻
Vietnam is a land of opportunities and investments, provided you know the local business practice there and become familiar with a constantly changing legal framework.
We recommend You to take time to visit Sa’s restaurant during your next trip to Da Nang !

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