Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

The trees gently put on their golden mantle, the wind cools and the milk flowers begin to give off their intoxicating fragrance. No doubt, fall is here. It is also the season for côm, a gastronomic specialty of the capital. #MustSeeInVietnam Editor

As summer fades away, Hanoi enters autumn, the best season of the year with many delicacies to enjoy.

Côm (grains of young sticky rice) has become a feature of the capital. In this season, we often come across women carrying yokes on their shoulders with two woven bamboo baskets containing the famous sesame. This young rice has long been a favorite snack of Hanoians aged 7 to 77. It is one of those foods which, at first glance, seem innocuous, such as Proust’s madeleine, but which are nevertheless capable of making those who taste it nostalgic.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

Hanoi is experiencing its most beautiful days. Comfortable weather, mild sunshine, suitable for strolling, sightseeing and outdoor photography. Besides the fragrant milk flowers and beautiful scenery, Hanoi also offers special and unique delicacies that visitors must try during autumn.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

Persimmons can be considered one of the most signature delicacies during fall in Hanoi. In fact, persimmons are not grown in Hanoi but in northern provinces likeCao Bang, Lang Son and Lao Cai. Every autumn, this fruit is sold across the capital. Persimmons must not be too ripe, have a yellow and green color, seedless and soaked in water before eating.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

From September, when summer starts fading, Hanoians begin to harvest and make green rice flakes, which is sold by street vendors in the capital. This autumn gift is carefully wrapped in lotus leaves. It’s a tradition for Hanoians to buy green rice flakes in autumn.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi
The “com” is the emblem of autumn in Hanoi

Green rice flakes also appear in dishes like Vietnamese sausage, sweet soup and sticky rice. Fresh green rice flakes are often eaten with ripe bananas. 

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

Speaking of autumn delicacies in Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention dracontomelon. Ripe dracontomelons are found on the street throughout the Old Quarter in late summer and early fall. If green and sour dracontomelons are used for soup and braised duck, ripe and yellow dracontomelons have a lightly sweet taste and are a favorite snack of many.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

The most popular autumn dish made from ripe dracontomelons is sweetened dracontomelons. Some people even enjoy raw and peeled dracontomelons with salt. Their sour taste is what many people remember when thinking about fall in Hanoi.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

Ragworm is a unique autumn dish in Hanoi. The species live underwater and are rich in protein. Ragworm can be processed into many different dishes, of which cha ruoi is the most popular in Hanoi. This dish is made from deep fried ragworm with ground meat, eggs, tangerine peel and dill. It’s served with vermicelli, raw vegetables, sweet and sour fish sauce.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

In Hanoi, cha ruoi is sold all year round, but that from the ninth to eleventh months of the lunar calendar is considered by many to be the most delicious since it is the breeding season of ragworms. Diners can find cha ruoi at O ​​Quan Chuong, Lo Duc and Hang Be.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

There are also other dishes available all year round, but when the weather gets colder, Hanoians will immediately think of them, and hot boiled snails.

Eating a bowl of hot and steaming boiled snails by the sidewalk is a way to enjoy autumn in Hanoi. The snails are boiled with lemongrass, ginger and lime leaves, boasting a special aroma. The dipping is fish sauce mixed with chili and ginger. This is also a key part that makes the dish shine.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

Rib porridge can be found in the Old Quarter and Dong Xuan Market. The texture is really smooth and silky. Cartilage and ribs are cooked well and added to the porridge, and sometimes, served with quails and shrimp to add more flavor.

Signature autumn delicacies in Hanoi

Egg coffee is a favorite choice for autumn conversations and meetings. The rich taste of eggs with the warm, aromatic flavor of coffee create a signature Hanoi drink. Enjoying egg coffee in an old cafe, reading a book or watching the flow of life on the streets will make autumn complete.

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